4 Reasons Every Parent Should Workout

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Fitness, fitness classes
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I know finding the time to exercise these days can seem difficult, and if you are a parent, you have to throw kids into the mix, which can stretch your schedule even thinner. However, there are many reasons you should consider for finding the time to stay fit. You may feel guilty about the time you are missing from your family, but you will only be improving and lengthening the time you can spend with them. Here are just a few reasons to help you get over this guilty feeling and encourage you to designate some time in your hectic schedule to hit the gym and get active.

  1. You will be around longer. Not to be too cryptic, but, most of us have chaotic or daily routines. They are full of stress and worry, constantly going from one task to another with no breaks in between and, in many cases, loading up on fast food. This can cause us to have multiple health problems and lower our life expectancy. However, if you have a consistent fitness routine and change your eating habits, you can lower the risk for many diseases and increase your life expectancy. In fact, according to a recent study published in Psychology Today, by just walking approximately forty minutes a day, you could add more than four years to your life. So, when you look at the big picture, you are actually adding, not losing, time with your family.

  2. Boost your mood and feel calmer. Your kids probably love spending time with you, but everyone has those days when we are just not feeling it. There is nothing wrong with that. We live stressful lives and things just seem to build up. However, if you have a consistent fitness routine, you can drastically reduce those days. You may notice the effects exercise has on your mood and eliminating stress almost instantly. Our bodies release endorphins, feel good chemicals, as we exercise. These increased amounts of endorphins will have us feeling better and stress-free in no time, and your kids will be able to easily notice the difference in your mood.

  3. Increased energy. It can be difficult trying to keep up with your kids. They seem to be just big balls of energy, and they really want you to play with them and experience everything they do. However, after a long work day and getting the house settled, you would probably much rather sit in front of the tv and veg out. However, with a regular fitness routine, you can increase your energy and get a better night’s sleep to help you feel more rested. You may not have noticed that you even have decreased energy in the first place, but your kids will definitely be having more fun with you when you’re willing to jump, crawl and climb with them.

  4. Set a great example. We all want our kids to grow up to be healthy and happy productive members of society. So, what kind of example do we set if we never exercise? We know that they learn a lot from watching us, so it is in our best interest to show them that it is important to take care of ourselves. If you can find a way to incorporate your kids into your fitness routine, then you should. You are helping them become healthier and spend some quality time with you at the same time. So, why not take your kids out for a nice jog at the park or a hike through the woods? You could even play a nice game of basketball, tennis or football with them. The main thing is that you are spending time with your family and teaching them the importance of being active in a sedentary world.

There are many things we feel responsible for as a parent that may make us believe that we have no extra time for us to spend on ourselves and a fitness routine. However, when you truly look at all the good that can come out of spending some time at the gym, you can see that it will only be worth it in the end.  

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