Portland Fit Fix: 9 Reasons to Try 9Round Fitness

Posted: December 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Kinetic Fix


One of the most exciting things about moving from San Francisco to Portland has been getting to know another city, meeting new people and, naturally, scoping out a fresh fitness scene. It also means playing athletic guinea pig and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, usually testing the limits of my coordination (or lack thereof?), as well as my stomach’s ability to keep lunch down.

Case in point: 9Round Fitness, a 30-minute circuit training kickboxing/boxing workout in Portland’s Pearl District. As much as I’ve been around the proverbial exercise block, this was my first taste of any kind of punching/kicking program…and on my first visit I’m pretty sure both the double-end and speed bags hit me more than I hit them.

Yet, like Vince Lombardi said, it’s not how much you get knocked down (or in my case, around), it’s about getting back up. So two visits later, I finally started…

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