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Most of us hit the gym and hop on the treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical before we start our weight training segment of our fitness routine. However, is this helping or hurting our attempts to achieve those noticeable and fast results? We all want to reach our fitness goals as soon as possible. Therefore, we all know nothing can be more frustrating than putting in all your time and effort and still feeling as if you are coming up empty, and it can come down to something as little as what order we do our workout sessions.


Glucose versus fat

The truth is that you should start your fitness routine with weight training in order to get the best fat burning results. Your body only has so much glucose stored. There is about 80 calories worth of glucose in the bloodstream and approximately 300 to 400 calories in the liver. This gives you about 380 to 480 calories of easy-access energy to burn in your body. For the first ten to fifteen minutes of your workout you are burning straight glucose, no matter how you chose to start. When you use up all your glucose reserves, your body then has to use excess fat to fuel your workout. However, fat is harder to burn than glucose, which means your body has less energy.

How it affects your workout

Cardio first routine

You like many others decide to start your fitness routine with cardio. So, you hop on the treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical for the first 30 minutes or so and then move on to the weight lifting portion of your fitness routine. Did you know that you just burned up most of your glucose while you were on the treadmill or elliptical. You would have started to turn to your fat reserves during your run, but your body would more slowly burn this energy. By the time you get to your weightlifting routine, you would most likely run out of energy rather quickly.

Weight training first routine

Now look at how your routine would differ if we started with our weight training first. After the first thirty minutes or so of some intense weight lifting we could burn around 500 calories, which would be more than our stored glucose. This means by the end of our training we would already be switching over to burning fat. So, when you start the cardio section of your fitness routine you will be burning almost solely fat. This gives you the chance to some intense fat burning exercising because there is no glucose left for your body to use.

The only time you should consider doing cardio first in your fitness routine is during the warm up. You should never skip this section of your fitness routine, and it is good to get your heart pumping before you jump into any form of exercising. Most experts recommend at least five to ten minutes of some type of cardio in your warm up. Once your muscles are warmed up and ready to go you should jump right in to your weight training and then hit the cardio machines to get the best and fastest results.

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Most of us already have a preconceived idea about certain exercise routines and what happens at the gym. As a whole, we probably associate weight training with body builders, who are most likely men, and we tend to associate treadmills and other cardio fitness routines with women. We might think that all gyms are the same or that they only like to cater to certain types of people, like only men or skinny petite women. Do these fitness routines and gyms deserve to be classified in such ways? Here we take the chance to look at a few of the more common gym myths and debunk them.


  1. As a female, if I lift weights I will end up being a huge body builder. This is not true. Weight lifting is not just for men and should be a part of everyone’s fitness routine, regardless of their gender. It can help you burn fat, tone your body and boost your metabolism. Weight training is an essential component of your fitness routine, especially if you are looking to burn fat.

  2. Every gym is the same, so I should just join the cheapest one. This is so false. Every gym is different. You want to find one that feels right for you and has those little extras that make it worth the time you spend there. Many gyms offer different hours and of course, the staff is always different, which gives each gym its own personality. There are also many different amenities a gym can have, such as heart rate monitors, personal trainers, top notch equipment and even pools. It is up to you to do your research and find the gym that best suits you.

  3. My weight is not coming off, this exercise thing must not be working. So many of us focus on the scale and forget about all the other benefits of working out. This one set frame of mind can make most of us give up on our fitness routine and miss out on all the many other health benefits of our fitness routines, such as lower blood sugar, building endurance and stamina and losing inches from our waist lines, which can result in a lower dress size. Remember just because the scale is not moving does not mean you are not doing your body good by working out.

  4. As long as I workout, I can eat whatever I want. Just because you are working out consistently, you do not get a free pass to eat whatever you want. A nutritious diet should always be a part of everyone’s fitness routine. If you want to reshape your body and lose those excess pounds, you will have to start trying out some healthier options. However, it can do a world of good to allow yourself a few cheats without being too hard on yourself.

It can be a difficult journey trying to lose weight and feel great. Just remember to never give up, even when things seem to be piling up against you. You should try to overcome your preconceived notions about fitness and how it may affect you and allow your newly found knowledge help you get fit and healthy.

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Everyone knows that kickboxing has an extensive list of physical benefits. It can help us lose weight and tone our bodies in no time at all; however, did you know that kickboxing also has an extremely long list of mental benefits? It is easy for us to overlook the many mental benefits that we can achieve from a kickboxing fitness routine when we are only focusing on how our body seems to be achieving the impossible. However, we should not cast aside the mental benefits of kickboxing just because we are too concerned with the physical benefits.


Boost your self- confidence

Kickboxing combines techniques from boxing and martial arts. You will learn how to effectively defend yourself by punching, kicking and dodging potential attacks. You have the advantage of acquiring quick reflexes coupled with the knowledge of some highly complex fighting moves. This knowledge alone should put your mind at ease if you encounter a certain situation. Just by knowing that you are prepared if need be can make you feel more empowered. Having the knowledge and power to defend yourself if the need arises would give anyone a boost to their self confidence, and you should feel proud and confident in your abilities.

Boost your energy

Kickboxing is a high-energy fitness routine that not only focuses on working out your body but also your mind. Unlike many other forms of exercising, such as running or biking, kickboxing requires an individual’s full attention. This can help an individual maintain a greater focus on their fitness routine and can increase the overall output of their fitness routine. For any fitness routine, the output, your results, is affected by the input, how much effort you use. During your kickboxing routine, you will be breathing heavy and sweating out toxins, which in the end will give you a much needed boost to your energy level.

Stress Buster

The act of hitting, punching and kicking heavy bags alone is enough to relieve the pent up stresses of the day. Kickboxing can be the perfect way to relieve any type of frustration that we may have built up over time. By the end of your fitness routine you will be feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready to take on the world. You can also add in the fact that any form of exercise releases endorphins into the bloodstream. Endorphins, a natural chemical found in your body, act as a mood booster and a stress buster. You will get to leave each of your kickboxing sessions on a natural high after you have worked out all of your pent up frustrations. It is a win-win situation.

Kickboxing is a high-energy fitness routine that can be beneficial to everyone. It not only transforms our bodies but can enhance our moods and enlighten our minds. The many benefits of this fitness routine should never be overlooked. You can achieve the body you want and the mind and emotional state you need.

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Most of us start a fitness routine to lose weight or get back into shape. A kickboxing fitness routine can do this and so much more. It can make your mind, body and spirit feel so much better. Kickboxing can also give you some much needed knowledge in self-defense. You can achieve a lot of different benefits from just one fitness routine. There are many classes aimed at beginners, so you should not be afraid to try it out if you do not have any kickboxing experience. Most classes allow you to visit them before you actually sign up for them, so you can try it out before you commit. So, why not give kickboxing a chance?


Transform your body

Kickboxing combines many different types of movements that can workout all of the muscles in your body. Your legs are used for kicking and your arms for punching. Your core is engaged to help stabilize your movements. Your heart will be pumping in no time, and you get the added benefit of resistance training if you use the heavy bags or spar with a partner. You can achieve a full body workout just by participating in a kickboxing fitness routine. In as little as thirty minutes you can burn around 400 to 500 calories. This will give you a lot of fat burning potential. In just a short period of time you should be able to notice a more toned and shaped body.

Emotional and mental benefits

A kickboxing fitness routine can not only make you look better but can also make you feel better. Endorphins, natural chemicals found in the body, are released during your fitness routine. They give you a natural feel good feeling that can be known to last for hours after your fitness routine. Kickboxing is also a great way to combat the stresses of the day. You can kick and punch away all your pent up frustrations on a heavy bag in a controlled and safe environment. It can feel great to have the chance to release some aggression when we know that no one, including ourselves, will actually get hurt.

Learn some self-defense moves

Kickboxing is a form of martial arts and will teach you some basic self-defense moves. You will learn how to throw and even take a punch if you participate in the sparring aspect of kickboxing. You will learn how to properly perform kicks, a flawless fighting stance, how to fend off attacks and how to increase your reaction time. Just knowing that you may be a little more prepared than your attacker may realize should make you feel a little more at ease. It can be a huge weight off of your shoulders knowing that if the situation arises you have some training to fall back on.

A kickboxing fitness routine has a lot to offer. It is one of the best ways to lose weight and achieve the body of your dreams. It can boost your mood and relieve any pent up stress you may have. There are even studies that shows that kickboxing can help fight anxiety and depression. It is also a lot of fun. So, you will never get bored and will always look forward to your next fitness routine. It is the perfect way for many of us to stay fit and healthy.

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Most of us have heard of them- the dreaded burpee. Most of our fitness classes or personal trainers push us through this excruciating exercise that most of us view as torture. It has become a common exercise in many fitness routines because of how effectively it can engage your entire body by utilizing full body movement. It is because of all the hard work and energy required to help our bodies achieve this full range of motion that helps us accomplish our fitness goals and dread the very word known as burpee. Here are just a few tips to help you achieve the full impact of this exercise.


  • Pace yourself. You do not want to stop in the middle of a burpee set. It will be next to impossible to get going again. You want to make sure that you pick a pace you can keep up with consistently throughout your routine. If you are doing a few burpees then you can increase your speed, but if you are going for multiple burpees then you need to slow down and pace yourself to ensure that you will not have to take any unnecessary breaks.

  • Feet then hands. When performing a burpee most of us learned were taught that we needed to wait until our hands hit the ground before we throw our legs back. However, once you are pretty familiar with the movements in a burpee it will be easy to throw your legs back before your hands hit the ground, and this could save you some time, especially when you are doing multiple burpees.

  • Go into an autopilot type of mind frame. Try to keep your mind focused on your form and not on how many more burpees you have to do in your routine. It can seem too challenging when your mind is thinking can I do this many more. It would seem a lot easier if you just focused on the jumping, squatting and maintaining the correct posture. This way it will appear to go by quicker than you thought.

  • Remember to breathe. It can be hard to follow the proper breathing techniques when you are exercising. You would not believe how many people tend to hold their breath during their workouts. Try to keep your breathing regular while you are exercising and make sure that you are breathing, especially if you are a fitness newbie or new to a certain exercise routine. You may tend to focus on the movements and posture and not your breathing.

  • Follow the correct posture. The burpee is an extremely trying exercise. It is easy to lose the proper posture, especially if you are doing multiple burpees. Be sure that you are not arching your back during the exercise and that you are maintaining the full range of motion required by the exercise. If you have to ease off or slow down to maintain the proper posture then you should. You do not want to waste all your energy on an ineffective fitness routine or even worse injure yourself.

The burpee is a difficult exercise to perform; however, it can give any fitness routine an added boost that it may need to propel you quickly to the results that you want. It may seem like torture to most of us, but there is a good reason for most of us to go through that torture. It helps us reach our fitness goals and makes our bodies stronger and healthier than we thought they could ever be.

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9Round Woodridge officially opened its doors on April 21st; however, they will be celebrating their grand opening this Saturday May the 17th. We encourage you to stop by the gym at 1001 W. 75th Street Woodridge, IL 60517, which is in the Kohls center right beside the Hollywood Blvd. Theater. We encourage you to stop by and join in the festivities. We will be giving away free workouts from 8:00 AM until 1:30 PM along with many other prizes, which will include a 12 month membership, a My Zone belt and other gifts from nearby stores and restaurants. So, bring your friends and stop by to enjoy all the fun.


Hurry in for opening and other special pricing

9Round Woodridge’s opening special for a $49 monthly membership will end on May 17th. You will get unlimited workouts, free boxing gloves, hand wraps, your own personal trainer, access to our on-line nutrition guide and a t-shirt. This is a great package deal. Normal pricing is usually $99 for the first month and $69 each month after. You can save $50 just by hurrying in and taking advantage of this deal, but you need to hurry there is only a few days left to grab this amazing deal. 9Round Woodridge has also added a student summer special. You can get three months of unlimited workouts, the gloves, the wraps, the whole package for only $139. This ends up being only a little over $46 per month. This is an unbelievable price for all that you can get from a 9Round fitness routine.

The ease of a 9Round fitness routine

A 9Round fitness routine is geared toward everyone. All of your workouts are supervised by certified 9Round trainers that are there to motivate you and to ensure that you perform your fitness routine effectively and properly. You do not need to be afraid if you do not have any kickboxing experience, as our trainers can walk you through each move and adjust your workout to your fitness level. At 9Round we do not have any class times. Our workouts are done in a circuit training format. There are nine challenging stations, and each station lasts for three minutes. This means that a new workout starts every three minutes, and you can get a full body workout that is guaranteed to give you results in only thirty minutes, which can easily fit into our hectic schedules.

If you have any questions about 9Round Woodridge’s grand opening, specials, memberships or 9Round’s fitness routine feel free to stop by or call us at 630-930-8439 and one of our trainers will be happy to help you. You may also contact us through our website, and we will quickly get back to you. To stay up to date on all of our gym news and special pricing please like our facebook page. We look forward to seeing you Saturday as we celebrate our grand opening 9Round style.

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Did you know that the majority of 9Round members are female? We have a large amount of women joining 9Round to get into the best shape of their life. They are embracing the 9Round way of life with arms wide open. So, what can we do to let them know that we appreciate them? Well 9Round Round Rock has decided to host a women’s self defense class at their gym, which is located at 1400 E. Old Settlers Blvd Suite 301, Round Rock, Texas 78664. On Friday, May 16th from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, our friends at the Round Rock ATA Martial Arts are going to be in charge of teaching the Women’s Self Defense class our gym will be hosting. We are super excited and look forward to them coming in and sharing some valuable information and self defense techniques with our members, and the best part is that this class is absolutely free and open to all of our members and their family. There is no cost to you to attend; however, you must sign up before the event to be eligible to participate. So, if you are member hurry and reserve your spot to take advantage of this great opportunity.

9round banner.jpg

Crystal and James Scherer are the owners of 9Round Round Rock. They both were members of the US Navy, and this is where they began their passion for fitness. They wanted to help people get healthy and obtain their fitness goals. They came across 9Round’s unique fitness format and became hooked. They loved the effectiveness and convenience a thirty minute kickboxing fitness routine with no class time provided. 9Round offers everyone one workout for free. This gives you the chance to try it before you buy it. We are pretty sure you will love it. You can sign up at 9Round Round Rock for a monthly fee of $49. You will get unlimited workouts, a personal trainer to oversee your workouts, gloves and hand wraps and access to our online nutrition guide. It is well worth it, especially when you start seeing how fast you can change your body and health for the better.

If you have any questions about 9Round Round Rock and their fitness routine you may call them at 512-943-8057, email them through the contact us section of their website or drop by during business hours. In order to stay in the know of all of their latest gym news please like their facebook page. We look forward to seeing you and helping you get fit one hit at a time.

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Kickboxing has become very popular in the last few years. There are probably a few fitness centers in your town that feature some sort of kickboxing fitness routine. There are infomercials advertising kickboxing, and you can see it on tv and in the movies. Researchers have conducted countless studies and released their findings on the numerous benefits of kickboxing as a fitness routine. However, there are many things that people still do not know about kickboxing, and there are an abundance of myths floating around about kickboxing that many people believe to be true.


 Kickboxing is hard to learn or master.

Many people think that you have to already be fit and inhumanly flexible to learn kickboxing. They believe that if you are new to the fitness scene it would be almost impossible to take up kickboxing. This is just not true. You do not have to be in the perfect shape or extremely flexible to start a kickboxing fitness routine. Kickboxing will help you become fit and flexible. All you need to do is have patience and keep working at it. It is just like any other fitness routine, take your time and listen to your instructors and you will be performing your routines perfectly in no time.

Kickboxing is dangerous.

Kickboxing is a full contact sport, and as with all full contact sports, there is a risk of injury. However, if you follow all the safety precautions and pay attention, your chance of injury is very slight. There is also different forms of kickboxing available today. If you do not feel comfortable or want to participate in full contact kickboxing, there are other options available. You can join a cardio kickboxing class or another kickboxing class that only teaches the movements and techniques of kickboxing and does not participate in the full contact aspect of the sport. If you play it safe and listen to your instructor there will be nothing to worry about.

Kickboxing promotes violence.

Some people think that because kickboxing is a full contact sport that it promotes violence. This is also not true. It is in fact quite the opposite. As with any form of martial arts, it promotes focus and discipline. Kickboxing can help its participants gain inner and outer peace. From the outside looking in, it is easy for most people to assume that kickboxing teaches its participants how to be violent and fight; however, the techniques taught in kickboxing should only be used for self defense.

    There are many benefits associated with participating in a kickboxing fitness routine. In order to capitalize on these benefits, you should keep an open mind and look forward to learning something new. You should never let your preconceived notions stop you from experiencing something that could help you remain fit and healthy while having fun at the same time. You could really enjoy a kickboxing fitness routine, so before you judge it, you should take the time to try it.

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9Round Portland Pearl District had the honor of giving one of their very own fitness bloggers Katrina “Ninjarina” an intro into 9Round’s fitness concept. Kickboxing fitness routines are all the craze now. There are many different types of classes you can take ranging from the dancey aerobic type of kickboxing to the full contact sparring type of kickboxing. Katrina feels as if 9Round falls nicely in the middle. In her workout she enjoyed being able to gear up and go to town kicking and punching on the heavy bags, but at the same time, it can put your mind at ease knowing that you do not have to worry about taking a punch. She gives us her complete thoughts on her 9Round workout, what makes 9Round’s fitness routine unique and the benefits of a 9Round fitness routine in her review on her blog, Funky Fitness PDX.

pearl district.jpg

First Impressions

When she walked through the doors and saw the boxing gloves hanging right in front of her, Katrina knew she was in the right place. She liked the fact that when you filled out your beginner’s paperwork you got to choose a fighter name, and of course, she chose Ninjarina. She loved the chance to add her own little personal touch to her fitness routine. It can be the little things that can truly count in helping you stick to your fitness routine. Once you complete your paperwork and choose your fighter name, you are ready to begin your workout.

A unique fitness routine

9Round’s fitness routine revolves around techniques from boxing and kickboxing that are performed in a circuit training format. There are nine different stations that last for three minutes each. According to Katrina the first couple of stations wee used to help her warm up and prepare for the workout ahead. The next few stations were more intense and then you get to move on to hitting the heavy bags. All the while a personal trainer is with you to watch your form and correct you if you become sloppy. You are also kept busy during the thirty seconds in between the rounds. You are constantly kept moving for the entire thirty minute workout. However, Katrina’s favorite part of a 9Round fitness routine is the fact that you can come in any time during business hours and start a workout. There are no class times because of the circuit training format. You can come in and start your workout in the next three minute round.


There are many benefits to a 9Round workout. In only thirty minutes you can easily squeeze in a full body workout that is guaranteed to give you results. All of our workouts come with a certified 9Round trainer to supervise your workouts to ensure that you are getting the most out of your fitness routine and using the proper form to stay injury free. However, Katrina’s favorite benefit is the MYZONE heart rate monitor. This tool gives our members the chance to gauge how their workout is going by seeing their vitals on a screen. It can help you maximize your workout by staying in your top fat burning cardio zone or even compete with other members if that is your thing.

At the end of her thirty minute 9Round workout Katrina admitted that she was sweaty and pooped. She even attested that it was a kick-booty workout. 9Round prides itself on being able to give its members a convenient and effective way to reach their fitness goals. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, we encourage you to check out the same 9Round Katrina visited in Pearl District. If you are not in the Portland area do not worry there are 9Rounds everywhere. Check out our website to find the location nearest to you and feel free to take advantage of our first free trial workout. We look forward to helping you reach past your fitness goals.

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9Round Tampa is excited to announce their grand opening celebration will be held on Saturday May 10th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The celebration will be held at their gym located at 17502 Preserve Walk Ln Tampa, FL 33647. This event will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony brought to you courtesy of the New Tampa Chamber of Commerce. There will be an array of vendors set up outside the fitness center and numerous giveaways will be held. We will also be serving some light snacks to help you enjoy the festive mood. So, we encourage you to come on out and enjoy the great weather and have some fun 9Round style.


9Round Tampa

9Round Tampa officially opened for business on February 28th. They are the first 9Round location in the Tampa area. The owner Stephanie Chance is also one of 9Round Tampa’s trainers. As a mom and business-owner, she knows the challenges of staying motivated and making time for herself. Stephanie made the 9Round commitment nearly a year ago and has been dedicated ever since. She enjoyed the time saving complete body workouts so much she wanted to bring it to others in her community. For only $89 a month you can get unlimited workouts with a personal trainer from 9Round Tampa, gloves and hand wraps and access to our very own online nutrition guide.

The 9Round fitness routine

A 9Round workout is one of a kind. We take techniques from both boxing and kickboxing and blend them together. We incorporate them into a circuit training format consisting of nine challenging stations. You spend three minutes at each station working out a different area of your body. In only thirty minutes you get a complete body workout that can burn between 500 to 600 calories per session. Every workout comes with a personal trainer to ensure that you are performing each move correctly and getting the most out of your workout. We are with you to motivate and encourage you to achieve more than you ever thought you could. Our main goal is and always will be customer service. We love the feeling we experience when we help our members achieve the results that they thought were impossible.

If you have any questions about 9Round Tampa, the grand opening ceremony or their fitness routine please feel free to contact us through our website, call us at (813)395-0005 or stop by our fitness center and one of our trainers will be more than happy to help you. Please like our facebook page to stay up to date on our gym news and also learn some interesting fitness facts. We look forward to seeing at our grand opening ceremony and sweating off those excess pounds in our gym very soon.

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