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Growth Spurt is ‘Just the Beginning’ for 9Round.



It can happen to any of us. We have been away from the gym or out of the fitness loop for a while and decide we might need to get back on track and reenter the fitness world. It can be intimidating to return to a scene that has changed so much from the last time we visited. What should we do? First of all you should feel proud you had the courage to get back into shape and give yourself a pat on the back for trying to improve your lifestyle and health. However, there are some things you need to be aware of to help you get back in the swing of things.

  1. Do not overdo it. You may be trying to make up for lost time or pushing yourself too hard too fast. As a fitness newbie, it can be difficult to tell when you are pushing yourself too far too soon. You should start out slow and steady, just enough to test your limits the first few weeks. You should not try to set any personal records or compete with others at your gym, just yet. You do not want to become sore or cause yourself to get injured. This could have many of us quitting or taking another prolonged break from our fitness routines.

  2. Not exercising enough. You need to have a constant and regular fitness routine to get your body at its best. You should workout at least three days a week for about thirty minutes a day to get your mind and body refocused on your exercise routine and especially, if you want to lose weight and get back in shape. If you exercise once every two weeks or so, you are not really doing your body that much good, so get out there and stick to a fitness plan to achieve the results you want.

  3. Not eating properly for your workouts. You need to eat properly before and after your workouts. Your body needs energy to be able to push you through your workout, and food is the main way to find this energy. The best pre-workout snacks are proteins and carbs, and you should try to avoid anything with too much fiber. After your workout, your body needs more energy to recover. Again, protein and carbs are a good way to go. Many athletes choose to go with a protein shake or a smoothie of some sort. It is up to you, but you need to remember to not eat anything too sugary or loaded in fat and calories because you do not want to undo all your hard work. Also, remember it is just a snack not a buffet. You do not want to overdo it.

  4. Revisiting your old habits. You need to consider why you have been on a break from your fitness routine and make sure not to revisit these reasons again. If your break was caused by boredom or lack of interest, you may need to look into ways you can mix up your routine that can get you excited and looking forward to exercising. You need to find ways that will ensure you stick to your routine and do not take another unexpected break.

There are many things that can cause us to take a break from our fitness routines; however, it is up to us to look for ways around them. We need to do what is best for our health and do whatever we can to stay active. We need to overcome the excuses we find for quitting our exercise plans and stay on track to becoming a fitter and healthier version of ourselves.


Most of us are currently searching for that perfect fitness routine that will help us meet all our fitness goals and obtain a fit and toned body. It can be hard in today’s world with all the fitness options out there to choose the one that is going to meet all our needs. However, because most of us are looking for the option that will give us the quickest results, we need a fast-paced and intense workout that can hold our attention long enough to see these results. Kickboxing may be the answer for many of us. It is a fast-paced and intense workout that not only works out your entire body but also gives your mind a workout, which will help keep you focused and engaged on your fitness routine.

An extreme form of exercising

A kickboxing fitness routine requires a lot of energy, which in turn helps you burn a lot of energy.. You have to kick, punch, block and move in rapid succession. You are constantly in motion; therefore, it is a great way to burn off some excess calories in a short amount of time. This can help you shed those excess pounds in no time at all. The combination of these movements also allows you to workout your entire body in one fitness routine. The kicking gets your lower body in shape, and the punching tones your lower body. The use of your upper and lower body together allows your core or midsection to get an unintentional workout. This gives your whole body a makeover. You will be toned and in shape before you know it.

Mental focus is required

Most people head to the gym and jump on a treadmill. They let their minds wander and do not have to give their workout their full attention. However, for many this may lead to an ineffective workout or even worse an injury. You need to stay focused on your fitness routine if you want to get the maximum results. Mental focus can help you by ensuring that you are correctly performing each movement and working every one of your muscles as hard as you can. You want to be focused and engaged throughout your entire routine, especially if you want to remain interested in your fitness routine and stave off boredom. Kickboxing is a great fitness routine for those of us who are looking for a fitness routine that is exciting and always changing or even those who like to use the boredom excuse as a reason to quit their fitness routines.

Kickboxing is a perfect routine for anyone looking to improve their overall health. You can workout your entire body and improve your mental health at the same time. This type of fitness routine keeps you engaged and focused, while giving you an intense and fast-paced full body workout. You do not have to be a professional fighter to benefit from these workouts because most of these types of workouts are non-combative and geared towards people who want to transform their bodies, just like you.

9Round Fitness Franchise

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9Round Fitness Franchise.

Today You Can

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A friend of mine shared this poem with me, and I thought it might help to motivate you to achieve your goals today.

Today You Can
by Catherine Pulsifer

Today you can choose to count your blessings
or you can count your troubles.
Today you can live each moment
or you can put in time.
Today you can take action towards your goals
or you can procrastinate.
Today you can plan for the future
or you can regret the past.

Today you can learn one new thing
or you can stay the same.
Today you can seek possibilities
or you can overwhelm yourself with the impossible.

Today you can continue to move forward
or you can quit.
Today you can take steps towards resolving your challenges
or you can procrastinate.

You see today the choices are up to you
in deciding what you do today.

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