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We all know why exercise is important. It is necessary for us to remain active in order to stay healthy and look and feel better. If we want a healthy and happy life, we need to exercise. So, why is it so hard for us to get moving and stay moving? The facts seem to be that knowing how and why we exercise may not be enough. We need to find the willpower and motivation needed to stick with our exercise routines. Here are just a few tips we have gathered to help you keep your exercise routine on the right track.

  1. Find your motivation. You need to decide what motivates you. Everyone is different and so are their reasons to exercise. You have to discover what your motivation is and remember it to keep you on your path to staying fit. Therefore, your motivation has to be something truly important to you that will help you get up off the couch and get active.

  2. Set attainable goals. You want to be able to reach your goals with a little hard work; however, you do not want to push yourself too far too fast. It can make you quit your fitness routine, especially if you believe you are not achieving the results you want. If your goals are too easy to reach, you may become bored and quit your routine. If your goals are too far out of reach, you are setting yourself up for failure. This failure may also cause you to quit, so it is important to find that happy medium. You need to set goals that require you to put forth some effort.

  3. Choose a physical activity you enjoy. So many of us think of exercise as work, but if you can change your mindset, you can easily stick to your fitness routine. You do not have to go to the gym and walk for hours on a treadmill to get fit. You can dance, skate, swim, take karate or yoga. You can do anything you want, so pick something that excites you and makes you look forward to doing it.

  4. Schedule your workouts. It can be difficult for us to fit an exercise routine into our hectic schedules. We have to make our fitness routines a top priority, and in order to do that, we need to make room for it on our schedules. We can not just sit around and hope some free time will magically open up for us to exercise. It will never work that way. We have to plan ahead and put in specific times for our workouts. It is important to stick to those times and avoid any excuses that may come up to make us reschedule or skip our routines.

  5. Overcome any setbacks. If you skip a day or cheat on your diet, you need to jump right back on the horse. Many people see this as failure and tend to take it too hard. They may become frustrated and quit. However, you need to remember that you are better than this. Everyone deserves a little break now and then, and you should not let this get to you. You need to find the willpower to overcome any type of setback and remember your motivation and all your goals. It is up to you to remain motivated.

Staying fit and healthy is important to all of us. We need to find ways that can help us stick to our exercise routines and achieve our goals. For most of us this means that we need to experiment with different techniques and choose the ones that are the best fit for us and gives us the best results. You can look for tips on the internet, ask your friends or come up with them on your own. The most important part is finding something that can give you a boost in achieving your fitness goals.



Most of us are going to the gym to lose weight. However, the cause of our problem may be our eating habits and not our fitness habits. It can be difficult to control our eating and understand how our eating habits can affect our workouts. There are certain times we should eat before and after the gym and certain foods that are better to eat before and after the gym. It may not make or break our workout, but it is important to know which foods can give our workouts a much needed boost to help us on our way.

Pre-workout eating

Timing is an important factor to consider when it comes to eating before the gym. You do not want to be too full when you are working out because it will cause cramping. However, you also do not want to starve yourself. If you are working out on empty, how are you going to have the fuel to keep going? You will not be able to give it your all if you go to the gym hungry, so you need to find the happy medium. You want to eat thirty to ninety minutes prior to exercising. Carbs are great at giving us some extra fuel, so they are a great option for pre-workout snacks. You want your snack to be easily digestible, so you may want to avoid things high in fiber. You should also look for snacks that are low in fat.

Post-workout eating

Many of us think that is fine to splurge after a workout. We just did all this exercise and burned so many calories. We can afford it, right? We deserve a nice treat for all of our hard work at the gym. It is easy for us to rationalize eating fattening foods or a big meal after our workouts. However, many of us are prone to eat more calories than we have burned, which can cause us to backslide on our weight loss goals and give up on our fitness routine. We seem to get carried away in the moment and are unable to see it is our eating habits not our fitness routine that is sabotaging us. The best post-workout snack has carbs and protein, but remember you do not need to overdo it. You should keep your portions small and your fat intake minimal.

It is important for us to see how our food choices can affect our weight loss goals. It is easy to blame it on our fitness routine and not look at the big picture. This can cause our weight to spiral out of control and make us feel helpless. It can be distressing for many of us. However, if we can take control of how and when we eat we can get back that extra push needed to help us on our way. It can be a huge weight lifted from our shoulders and help us see that we can achieve our goals.

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Chip works up a sweat at while doing some kickboxing at 9 Round in Germantown.

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Many people have turned to kickboxing to help them achieve the body they want. Their main goal is to look and feel good, and they turn to kickboxing because it can offer them quick results. Kickboxing combines cardio and resistance training that can focus on your entire body. Every part of your body is involved in your workout; therefore, every part of your body gets toned and shaped. This means that kickboxing gives us a double dose of power to boost our fitness routine. It can melt fat fast and shape our entire body in just one workout.

Melt away fat

Kickboxing is a fierce and fast-paced form of exercising. The sheer intensity of this fitness routine will have you sweating and burning fat in no time. The average person can burn anywhere from six to eight hundred calories per hour while participating a kickboxing fitness routine. The caloric burn can vary depending on how much energy you put into your workout, the types of exercises you perform and how long you perform them. If you want those fast results you will need to go all in and not hold anything back in this high-energy fitness routine. You can not expect results to come to you, but you have to put in the time and energy to go and get them yourself. If you are serious about losing weight and will put in the time and effort then kickboxing will work wonders for you.

Shape your entire body

Kickboxing is an extreme type of exercise that can work your entire body. It takes techniques from boxing and martial arts that work your lower and upper body. By using both areas of your body simultaneously, you are also working out your core. Your legs get a workout from kicks and jumping, while your arms and shoulders get a workout through punching and blocking. The core is conditioned throughout your routine by maintaining the correct posture. There will be times when you need to bend or rotate to correctly perform a move, and you can only achieve the correct movement by using your core muscles. Your core is also responsible for supporting each move, making it necessary to strengthen and work your core throughout the entire fitness routine. This total body workout can give you well-rounded results and keep you from having to target certain problem areas during your fitness routine.

If you are looking to transform your fitness routine and your body then kickboxing would be a wise choice. It can get you off of the couch and having fun, while burning loads of calories. It can be an extreme form of exercise but can be well worth the time and energy you put into it. It is an effective form of exercising that can help you achieve your fitness goals and give you your dream body. I would encourage everyone who wants to perfect their body to look into adding kickboxing to their fitness routine.