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Kickboxing is a perfect fitness routine for just about everyone no matter their gender, age or fitness level. A kickboxing fitness routine works out your entire body, which helps you burn fat quickly and tone your entire body. You will leave your workout feeling empowered, confident and a little less stressed. Your mind, body and heart will all be thanking you for it afterward. Here is a list of some of my favorite benefits of kickboxing.

  • A good fit for all. Kickboxing is a great fitness routine for everyone. It does not discriminate. You can be old or young, a man or woman, an experienced athlete or a fitness newbie; it does not matter. Everyone can easily benefit from this workout, and all are encouraged to try it.

  • Easily adaptable. A kickboxing fitness routine can be easily adapted to fit your needs and fitness level. You start with a trainer to learn the basic moves and finally progress into easily flowing with these movements. Eventually, you will add more complex moves at a higher speed and adding in some extra weight. This makes it easy to start your kickboxing routine and then progress to different levels.

  • Excellent at burning calories and melting fat. Most people burn an average of 500 calories per hour performing this intense fitness routine, and the more effort you put into your routine the higher that number could be. This all adds up to quickly shedding that excess fat and achieving your weight loss goals in no time.

  • Tones your entire body. You workout your entire body during a normal kickboxing fitness routine. You will work on your arms, shoulders, legs and core simultaneously giving you the best results you have ever seen. This workout will give you an evenly toned and sculpted body that you feel proud to flaunt.

  • Relieves stress. Not only does kickboxing release endorphins, like every other form of exercise, it also gives you the chance to release some extra frustration in a healthy way. You can kick and punch your way to releasing that pent up aggression you may be experiencing. How many other workouts give you the chance to imagine beating up your archenemy?

  • Improves balance and coordination. All of those supposedly impossible moves that you thought were impossible to do, well guess what after a while of practicing them over and over you have finally mastered them. This hard work will give you an improved sense of balance and coordination that can easily benefit you in your everyday routine. You may begin to notice that you are not as clumsy and move a little more gracefully.

  • Improves endurance. All those intense workout sessions at the gym are starting to pay off. You notice that you are not as tired as you were before or as out of breath as you usually are. You may have even started adding some extra time to your workout. These little things will let you know that you have improved your endurance.

  • Builds confidence. Kickboxing will teach you moves that will have you feeling more confident, but there are many more aspects of kickboxing that can build your confidence, such as having a healthy and toned body you are proud of, achieving your fitness goals and having a healthier lifestyle.

  • Fun. Kickboxing is fun and fast paced. You get to learn something new and work on your body at the same time. You can crank up the music and start attacking those heavy bags, practice with a partner and throw some medicine balls and kettle bells around. The best thing is that you do not have to do the same old routine everyday. You can switch up your movements in kickboxing making it easy to stave off boredom and remain more engaged in your workout.

With all of these amazing benefits, it is easy to see why kickboxing has become one of the most popular fitness routines out there today. So, why not find a local 9Round near you and try out their fitness routine? You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so stop by our website and find a gym near you.

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Most people may ask, what is the difference between kickboxing and cardio kickboxing? The main difference is cardio kickboxing is basically an aerobics class that incorporates some kicks and punches. It does not use any heavy bags or sparring with another participant. Cardio kickboxing has gained popularity in the last few years, and women, especially, seem to be flocking to these types of fitness classes. They find it fun and enjoy getting their heart rate up while listening to some upbeat music. However, are they getting all the benefits that they could have if they were truly kickboxing?

boxing girl.jpg

A more complete workout

While cardio kickboxing can get your heart pumping improving your cardiovascular health, there are many components it is missing. It is important to improve your cardiovascular health, and kickboxing also does this. In addition, kickboxing has a countless number of different drills that can work your body much harder than air punches or kicks ever could. Hitting pads, working heavy bags, and drills that focus on coordination are just a few tools in a kickboxing fitness routine that can help you achieve benefits that you cannot obtain from cardio kickboxing. You should begin to see improvements in your endurance, strength, speed, agility, coordination and balance to name a few. Cardio kickboxing may be able to claim a few of these benefits but definitely not all of them and certainly not to the degree that a true kickboxing class can.


More focus on technique

Many cardio kickboxing instructors are trained to be personal trainers, and they may not be an educated martial arts instructor. This is not to say that all of them are without martial arts experience, but there are many who aren’t qualified to be teaching martial arts. This means you are basically getting an aerobics class with added kicks and punches that may not be up to par. There are many cardio kickboxing classes out there stating that they oversee how each of their students perform techniques to ensure a workout that is free of injuries; however, many of the instructors happen to be performing techniques in improper ways that may cause you to put stress on weak areas of the body, such as the elbows, shoulders, or knees. This can inevitably lead to an injury. Yet, these are the people who are overseeing our technique?


Self defense

There seems to be so confusion among many cardio kickboxing participants that think that what they do might have some kind of practical application in a real life self defense situation. They may feel that since they are learning kicks and punches from a cardio kickboxing instructor that they will have an upper hand in any type of dangerous situation. However, just as I said before, there are many of these instructors out there that are not qualified to be teaching martial arts. In a true kickboxing class you will learn how to focus, timing, coordination, and have the added benefit of a truly certified martial arts trainer. You will ultimately have a more rounded education in self defense, which will all add up to being better prepared.

I am not trying to bash cardio kickboxing. It is a great workout for some, especially if they are only trying to focus on cardiovascular health. However, most people go to the gym looking to get results, and if you want to get the best results you need to focus on more than cardio. Kickboxing gives you cardio and so much more. This helps you see better results much faster. The choice is yours, and maybe it would be best for you to give both classes a try and see which one appeals more to you.

This week at Northshore Mama’s blog, she talks about the benefits of 9Round’s newest addition, the MYZONE heart monitoring system. MYZONE is exclusive to 9Round. There are no other kickboxing fitness centers out there that has this type of real time fitness monitoring. Some 9Round fitness centers have already introduced this system to their members; however, others are still in the process of working them into their gyms. MYZONE is the perfect addition to accompany the many extras that 9Round offers it members, and it is also a great way to help each member achieve their fitness goals quickly and safely.


What MyZone does

MYZONE is a new and innovative heart rate based monitoring system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor your physical activity. It not only monitors heart rate but also monitors calories, time and MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs). By using MEPs your focus will be on rewarding effort rather than just tracking your fitness routine. At 9Round, you can see your MYZONE scores displayed on a 46″ tv screen, mounted in the middle of the room for easy viewing. MYZONE can help you reach your health and fitness goals by providing an accurate monitoring system that encourages effort during your fitness routine.


Easy to use

MYZONE is a belt that you can easily attach to your body. Once the belt is on, you will be able to easily track your fitness routine. At the gym, you will see your scores displayed on the monitor; however, as a MYZONE member, you can login to the network and see your results and track all the details of your fitness routine online. You will also receive an email after each fitness routine that will give you a summary of your workout. This type of easy monitoring will help keep you on the right track and ensure that you are giving each and every workout your all. Another MYZONE benefit is that you can challenge your friends. Some of us are motivated by competition, and MYZONE is the perfect tool to allow this.


    You can learn more about the MYZONE monitoring system by checking out the video on Northshore Mama’s blog, or you can download the pdf file of the MYZONE informational brochure at 9Round. If you would like to experience the MYZONE system, contact your local 9Round and ask if they are already set up for the MYZONE system.

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9Round Woodridge officially opened its doors on April 21st; however, they will be celebrating their grand opening this Saturday May the 17th. We encourage you to stop by the gym at 1001 W. 75th Street Woodridge, IL 60517, which is in the Kohls center right beside the Hollywood Blvd. Theater. We encourage you to stop by and join in the festivities. We will be giving away free workouts from 8:00 AM until 1:30 PM along with many other prizes, which will include a 12 month membership, a My Zone belt and other gifts from nearby stores and restaurants. So, bring your friends and stop by to enjoy all the fun.


Hurry in for opening and other special pricing

9Round Woodridge’s opening special for a $49 monthly membership will end on May 17th. You will get unlimited workouts, free boxing gloves, hand wraps, your own personal trainer, access to our on-line nutrition guide and a t-shirt. This is a great package deal. Normal pricing is usually $99 for the first month and $69 each month after. You can save $50 just by hurrying in and taking advantage of this deal, but you need to hurry there is only a few days left to grab this amazing deal. 9Round Woodridge has also added a student summer special. You can get three months of unlimited workouts, the gloves, the wraps, the whole package for only $139. This ends up being only a little over $46 per month. This is an unbelievable price for all that you can get from a 9Round fitness routine.

The ease of a 9Round fitness routine

A 9Round fitness routine is geared toward everyone. All of your workouts are supervised by certified 9Round trainers that are there to motivate you and to ensure that you perform your fitness routine effectively and properly. You do not need to be afraid if you do not have any kickboxing experience, as our trainers can walk you through each move and adjust your workout to your fitness level. At 9Round we do not have any class times. Our workouts are done in a circuit training format. There are nine challenging stations, and each station lasts for three minutes. This means that a new workout starts every three minutes, and you can get a full body workout that is guaranteed to give you results in only thirty minutes, which can easily fit into our hectic schedules.

If you have any questions about 9Round Woodridge’s grand opening, specials, memberships or 9Round’s fitness routine feel free to stop by or call us at 630-930-8439 and one of our trainers will be happy to help you. You may also contact us through our website, and we will quickly get back to you. To stay up to date on all of our gym news and special pricing please like our facebook page. We look forward to seeing you Saturday as we celebrate our grand opening 9Round style.

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Did you know that the majority of 9Round members are female? We have a large amount of women joining 9Round to get into the best shape of their life. They are embracing the 9Round way of life with arms wide open. So, what can we do to let them know that we appreciate them? Well 9Round Round Rock has decided to host a women’s self defense class at their gym, which is located at 1400 E. Old Settlers Blvd Suite 301, Round Rock, Texas 78664. On Friday, May 16th from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, our friends at the Round Rock ATA Martial Arts are going to be in charge of teaching the Women’s Self Defense class our gym will be hosting. We are super excited and look forward to them coming in and sharing some valuable information and self defense techniques with our members, and the best part is that this class is absolutely free and open to all of our members and their family. There is no cost to you to attend; however, you must sign up before the event to be eligible to participate. So, if you are member hurry and reserve your spot to take advantage of this great opportunity.

9round banner.jpg

Crystal and James Scherer are the owners of 9Round Round Rock. They both were members of the US Navy, and this is where they began their passion for fitness. They wanted to help people get healthy and obtain their fitness goals. They came across 9Round’s unique fitness format and became hooked. They loved the effectiveness and convenience a thirty minute kickboxing fitness routine with no class time provided. 9Round offers everyone one workout for free. This gives you the chance to try it before you buy it. We are pretty sure you will love it. You can sign up at 9Round Round Rock for a monthly fee of $49. You will get unlimited workouts, a personal trainer to oversee your workouts, gloves and hand wraps and access to our online nutrition guide. It is well worth it, especially when you start seeing how fast you can change your body and health for the better.

If you have any questions about 9Round Round Rock and their fitness routine you may call them at 512-943-8057, email them through the contact us section of their website or drop by during business hours. In order to stay in the know of all of their latest gym news please like their facebook page. We look forward to seeing you and helping you get fit one hit at a time.

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Kickboxing has become very popular in the last few years. There are probably a few fitness centers in your town that feature some sort of kickboxing fitness routine. There are infomercials advertising kickboxing, and you can see it on tv and in the movies. Researchers have conducted countless studies and released their findings on the numerous benefits of kickboxing as a fitness routine. However, there are many things that people still do not know about kickboxing, and there are an abundance of myths floating around about kickboxing that many people believe to be true.


 Kickboxing is hard to learn or master.

Many people think that you have to already be fit and inhumanly flexible to learn kickboxing. They believe that if you are new to the fitness scene it would be almost impossible to take up kickboxing. This is just not true. You do not have to be in the perfect shape or extremely flexible to start a kickboxing fitness routine. Kickboxing will help you become fit and flexible. All you need to do is have patience and keep working at it. It is just like any other fitness routine, take your time and listen to your instructors and you will be performing your routines perfectly in no time.

Kickboxing is dangerous.

Kickboxing is a full contact sport, and as with all full contact sports, there is a risk of injury. However, if you follow all the safety precautions and pay attention, your chance of injury is very slight. There is also different forms of kickboxing available today. If you do not feel comfortable or want to participate in full contact kickboxing, there are other options available. You can join a cardio kickboxing class or another kickboxing class that only teaches the movements and techniques of kickboxing and does not participate in the full contact aspect of the sport. If you play it safe and listen to your instructor there will be nothing to worry about.

Kickboxing promotes violence.

Some people think that because kickboxing is a full contact sport that it promotes violence. This is also not true. It is in fact quite the opposite. As with any form of martial arts, it promotes focus and discipline. Kickboxing can help its participants gain inner and outer peace. From the outside looking in, it is easy for most people to assume that kickboxing teaches its participants how to be violent and fight; however, the techniques taught in kickboxing should only be used for self defense.

    There are many benefits associated with participating in a kickboxing fitness routine. In order to capitalize on these benefits, you should keep an open mind and look forward to learning something new. You should never let your preconceived notions stop you from experiencing something that could help you remain fit and healthy while having fun at the same time. You could really enjoy a kickboxing fitness routine, so before you judge it, you should take the time to try it.

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9Round Portland Pearl District had the honor of giving one of their very own fitness bloggers Katrina “Ninjarina” an intro into 9Round’s fitness concept. Kickboxing fitness routines are all the craze now. There are many different types of classes you can take ranging from the dancey aerobic type of kickboxing to the full contact sparring type of kickboxing. Katrina feels as if 9Round falls nicely in the middle. In her workout she enjoyed being able to gear up and go to town kicking and punching on the heavy bags, but at the same time, it can put your mind at ease knowing that you do not have to worry about taking a punch. She gives us her complete thoughts on her 9Round workout, what makes 9Round’s fitness routine unique and the benefits of a 9Round fitness routine in her review on her blog, Funky Fitness PDX.

pearl district.jpg

First Impressions

When she walked through the doors and saw the boxing gloves hanging right in front of her, Katrina knew she was in the right place. She liked the fact that when you filled out your beginner’s paperwork you got to choose a fighter name, and of course, she chose Ninjarina. She loved the chance to add her own little personal touch to her fitness routine. It can be the little things that can truly count in helping you stick to your fitness routine. Once you complete your paperwork and choose your fighter name, you are ready to begin your workout.

A unique fitness routine

9Round’s fitness routine revolves around techniques from boxing and kickboxing that are performed in a circuit training format. There are nine different stations that last for three minutes each. According to Katrina the first couple of stations wee used to help her warm up and prepare for the workout ahead. The next few stations were more intense and then you get to move on to hitting the heavy bags. All the while a personal trainer is with you to watch your form and correct you if you become sloppy. You are also kept busy during the thirty seconds in between the rounds. You are constantly kept moving for the entire thirty minute workout. However, Katrina’s favorite part of a 9Round fitness routine is the fact that you can come in any time during business hours and start a workout. There are no class times because of the circuit training format. You can come in and start your workout in the next three minute round.


There are many benefits to a 9Round workout. In only thirty minutes you can easily squeeze in a full body workout that is guaranteed to give you results. All of our workouts come with a certified 9Round trainer to supervise your workouts to ensure that you are getting the most out of your fitness routine and using the proper form to stay injury free. However, Katrina’s favorite benefit is the MYZONE heart rate monitor. This tool gives our members the chance to gauge how their workout is going by seeing their vitals on a screen. It can help you maximize your workout by staying in your top fat burning cardio zone or even compete with other members if that is your thing.

At the end of her thirty minute 9Round workout Katrina admitted that she was sweaty and pooped. She even attested that it was a kick-booty workout. 9Round prides itself on being able to give its members a convenient and effective way to reach their fitness goals. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, we encourage you to check out the same 9Round Katrina visited in Pearl District. If you are not in the Portland area do not worry there are 9Rounds everywhere. Check out our website to find the location nearest to you and feel free to take advantage of our first free trial workout. We look forward to helping you reach past your fitness goals.

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9Round Tampa is excited to announce their grand opening celebration will be held on Saturday May 10th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The celebration will be held at their gym located at 17502 Preserve Walk Ln Tampa, FL 33647. This event will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony brought to you courtesy of the New Tampa Chamber of Commerce. There will be an array of vendors set up outside the fitness center and numerous giveaways will be held. We will also be serving some light snacks to help you enjoy the festive mood. So, we encourage you to come on out and enjoy the great weather and have some fun 9Round style.


9Round Tampa

9Round Tampa officially opened for business on February 28th. They are the first 9Round location in the Tampa area. The owner Stephanie Chance is also one of 9Round Tampa’s trainers. As a mom and business-owner, she knows the challenges of staying motivated and making time for herself. Stephanie made the 9Round commitment nearly a year ago and has been dedicated ever since. She enjoyed the time saving complete body workouts so much she wanted to bring it to others in her community. For only $89 a month you can get unlimited workouts with a personal trainer from 9Round Tampa, gloves and hand wraps and access to our very own online nutrition guide.

The 9Round fitness routine

A 9Round workout is one of a kind. We take techniques from both boxing and kickboxing and blend them together. We incorporate them into a circuit training format consisting of nine challenging stations. You spend three minutes at each station working out a different area of your body. In only thirty minutes you get a complete body workout that can burn between 500 to 600 calories per session. Every workout comes with a personal trainer to ensure that you are performing each move correctly and getting the most out of your workout. We are with you to motivate and encourage you to achieve more than you ever thought you could. Our main goal is and always will be customer service. We love the feeling we experience when we help our members achieve the results that they thought were impossible.

If you have any questions about 9Round Tampa, the grand opening ceremony or their fitness routine please feel free to contact us through our website, call us at (813)395-0005 or stop by our fitness center and one of our trainers will be more than happy to help you. Please like our facebook page to stay up to date on our gym news and also learn some interesting fitness facts. We look forward to seeing at our grand opening ceremony and sweating off those excess pounds in our gym very soon.

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9Round owners Scott Fowler and Stephanie Chance got the opportunity to promote their 9Round Franchise and tell their hometown about 9Round and our great fitness routine on ABC 13 News. We are delighted to see our very own team from 9Round Asheville seizing the moment and spreading the word about our great fitness routines, and I know they had a lot of fun doing it. They did not appear to be camera shy at all as they joined the news team on ABC 13. They showed off some impressive kickboxing moves and drills that according to them does not take long at all to achieve and will quickly give you the results that you have been searching for for a long time. It is the perfect fitness routine to quickly help you get in shape for bikini weather.

The segment lets you know how great a kickboxing fitness routine can be. A 9Round kickboxing fitness routine allows its users to have fun and get into shape at the same time. It can be hard to look forward to a fitness routine, but at 9Round, you can become excited about working out and look forward to learning new moves each and every day. Our routines can take away a lot of the excuses many people find to avoid exercising. In only thirty minutes one session can burn between 500 to 600 calories. Because of our circuit training format, we have no class times. A new fitness routine starts every three minutes. So, basically, anytime you can fit in a thirty minute fitness routine feel free to stop by and experience a one of a kind fitness routine that is guaranteed to give you those fast results everyone is wanting.

If you want to view the video go to the ABC 13 News webpage. It can give you a little bit of insight as what to expect from a 9Round fitness routine. You can always go to our webpage to find out more about our fitness routines and where the nearest 9Round location is. There are many answers to common questions many kickboxing fitness newbies may have about our fitness routines. You may also contact us through our website with any unanswered questions or concerns. If you are curious and want to experience a 9Round fitness routine please feel free to stop by your local 9Round. The first trial workout is always free because we know that once you try it, you will like it. Our fitness routines are known to be very addictive.

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In the latest issue of Entrepreneur magazine Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, founder and CEO of 9Round fitness, gets up close and personal. In the article he discusses the 9Round fitness concept, how he started out and how much he has grown his business in just a few years time. As a professional kickboxer, he was able to compete for and win the International Kickboxing Federation Light Middleweight World Championship. Being a professional fighter, he was in peak physical condition but began to notice that others around him were not. So, he decided to create a fun and creative way for people to achieve their fitness goals by bringing some of the elements of his training to the average person.


The routine

Shannon Hudson wanted to be able to bring his kickboxing training to the average person. He began to focus on circuit training like Curves and fixated himself on a way to create a thirty minute kickboxing workout. He eventually came up with his 9Round fitness routine, which centers on nine challenging stations. Each station lasts for three minutes and focuses on a different element of your fitness routine that when combined gives you a full body workout. In only thirty minutes you can burn between 500 to 600 calories. The genius behind the circuit training format is that it eliminates the need for class times, which means you can come by any 9Round during business hours and start your workout.

The culture

In the article Shannon Hudson recognizes that all of his 9Round fitness centers have more female than male members. He gives credit to his wife and co-founder, Heather Hudson. He and Heather try to keep the atmosphere upbeat and fun, while still focusing on fitness. 9Round wants to ensure that you are always excited and looking forward to each and every workout in order to help you stick with your fitness routine and quickly achieve your fitness goals. Shannon states that they want to make each 9Round feel like a nightclub but without the drinks. It helps to get you pumped up and ready to wail on some heavy bags.

For all levels

Many people may be intimidated to start a kickboxing fitness routine, especially if they have no kickboxing experience. However, at 9Round you can rest easy. Each and every workout comes with a certified 9Round trainer, which enables us to tailor the perfect workout for your fitness level and your specific goals. Our trainers will walk you through each move until you feel confident enough to perform them on your own. You will always have someone watching you to ensure you are following the correct form and stay injury free. There is a lady in her 60s who had a knee replacement that regularly visits 9Round, and our trainers simply substitute in different exercises for her. In turn, we also have professional athletes use our gyms, where our trainers may need to amp up their fitness routines. We cater to all levels, and since we have personal trainers we can accommodate just about anyone.

It is exciting to say the least at seeing how fast 9Round has grown and how many people are embracing the 9Round way of life. When Shannon Hudson started out in 2008 he had to beg and borrow to open his first gym. However, in one month’s time he had over 100 members and kept steadily plowing ahead. Now 9Round has over 100 locations up and running in the US with many more in the works. They are also looking into becoming worldwide. Snap Fitness, a major player in the fitness industry, agreed with Hudson’s idea and decide to buy into it. With a powerhouse like Snap Fitness giving them an extra push there is no doubt that 9Round will be around for a while.

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