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It is that time of year again: Time for everyone to enjoy the winter holidays and spend some extra time celebrating with friends and family. This also means it is time to pay extra careful attention to our weight loss goals and perfect a strategy that will keep us on the straight and narrow path to success. It may seem as if everywhere you turn, you are faced with more and more calories.

Everyone is having a party.

Your neighbors, your friends, your family, your coworkers, your friend’s coworkers and that guy down the street all seem to be getting in on the action.

So, how can you remain social and avoid all of those tempting foods at each and every holiday party you feel obligated to attend? By following a few of these tips, you may just find yourself meeting your weight loss goals in no time.

  1. Never go to a party famished.  If you wait until you get to the party to eat, you will most likely eat more than you intended, and it will probably not be an overindulgence in grilled chicken and salad! You should try to eat something healthy and filling before going to the celebration. You may indulge in a sweet or two, but if you’re only slightly hungry, you will be more likely to limit any eating binges that typically rear their ugly heads during the holidays.

  1. Watch your beverages. Many people overindulge in alcohol and other high calorie drinks when they are at a party. These calories can sneak up on us, and we may not even notice that we are doubling or tripling our caloric intake strictly through our beverages. It may be easy to keep in mind how much food you ate, but your total drink count can seem to get a little blurry after the first few. So, if you stick to water or try rotating water in between your rounds of beverages, you’ll save yourself quite a bit of empty calories.

  1. Bring a healthy option. If you are going to a potluck style party, you could always bring along a healthier option for you and your friends. You may have this new recipe that you have been dying to try out. Well, why not make something you love that you know is well balanced and allow your colleagues the chance to see that not all healthy treats taste like cardboard? You will not only be doing yourself a favor, but your friends can also benefit from having a healthy dish or two to choose from as well!

  1. Distract yourself. Try to avoid making the food tables the center of your experience by choosing to talk with your friends or by dancing the night away. You do not need to hover by the food table all night. Hovering there would only put you closer to mindlessly eating treat upon treat. So, do yourself a favor and try to get in some physical activity by dancing or at least walking around the room and being the social butterfly you know you are.

During the holidays many of us can easily fall victim to a little weight gain. Temptation is everywhere, however, this time can be very detrimental to our weight loss goals if we don’t stay concentrated on our goals. Let’s make our focus be on celebrating with friends and family and not ruining our waistlines!

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Achieving your fitness and weight loss goals require a lot of hard work and dedication. Many of us experience difficulty trying to lose weight, while we notice others can’t stop shedding those pounds. How do they do it? We like to think that they have those perfect genes that allow them to eat whatever they want and only exercise a little but still stay slim, or maybe they have found out some long lost secret to losing weight. Well, this may be true for a very small number of them. Most of them know there are certain habits that successful dieters have to follow and follow them to a tee. This means that in order to turn your weight loss nightmare into a success story, all you need to do is incorporate these habits into your daily routine.

  1. Set small, attainable goals. Most of us focus on losing weight and unfortunately a lot of it. We set a goal to lose thirty pounds in a month. However, these bigger, more spread out goals that only focus on our weight may be doing more damage than good. You should try setting smaller goals over a shorter period of time. This should get you moving, especially when you begin to notice that you are accomplishing these goals throughout your fitness routine. You could set goals such as eating more vegetable, increasing your daily water intake, lifting a few more pounds or adding some extra distance to your run. The more attributes of your routine that you can focus on, the more you can celebrate. This should have you motivated and ready to rock your fitness routine in no time.

  2. Allow yourself a few breaks. We all think that in order to achieve our weight loss goals, we have to stick to a strict schedule. We think we have to workout for hours on end to get the body we want. However, when you start out too hard on yourself, it is hard to slow down. You will only push yourself past your breaking point. By being too strict on yourself, you will only set yourself up for failure. Allow yourself some time to rest and relax from your fitness routine and give yourself enough rest days (2-3 a week) and you may be surprised at how much you can achieve.

  3. All work and no play. Most of us believe that diet and exercise can’t be fun. It is a chore to us that has to be done. This attitude can put you down the right path. You need to make your fitness routine fun, and it can easily be done. You can look for new and exciting recipes to learn. Your taste buds can have the chance to experience new flavors and tastes. Just because your food is not full of calories or fat, does not mean it has to be tasteless. So, dive into those cookbooks and find something new and interesting. As far as the physical part of your routine goes, you can seek out new things in that area too. You can look into taking different types of fitness classes. There are so many out there that appeal to different types of people. You could learn a martial art like kickboxing, karate or tae kwon do. You could take a dance class like jazz, ballroom or modern. You could take yoga, a spin class, aerobics, whatever keeps you interested and motivated.

It can be frustrating trying to lose weight and feeling as if you are going nowhere. You put in all this hard work, and it just does not seem to pay off. It may be time to switch up your routine or add something new and exciting. You could reach out to others for ideas or help. You may need to take a step back and reevaluate your routine or your goals, but the main thing is to never give up. If you keep trying, you are bound to come up with a routine that works for you.

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For most of us the upcoming holidays mean food, food and more food. So, how do we combat this extra intake of food? The main problem is it’s the holidays, and we want to indulge and have fun with our friends and family. The average American can consume somewhere between 3000 and 5000 calories on Thanksgiving alone, and to gain one pound, we only have to consume 3500 calories. This means that throughout the holiday season, it is fairly easy to see how these extra pounds can add up. Here we will take a look of some of our favorite holiday foods and different ways to fight the temptation of over indulging in them.

  1. Cheese trays. I love going to parties that feature cheese trays. There are so many different types of cheeses neatly displayed for me to sample, and it seems that each and everyone I taste is more delicious than the last. It is just so hard for me to avoid the pull of this magical tray, but I should definitely try harder. You can typically find a hundred calories in an ounce of cheese, but what makes it worse is that cheese is also high in fat. And, like I said before, once you start sampling the cheese tray, it will seem impossible to stop. So, before you know it, you could have crammed hundreds and hundreds of excess calories down your throat. Your best option would be to skip over the cheese tray and head for the veggie tray, but you might want to make sure the veggie dip is low in fat and calories before drizzling it all over your plate.

  2. Spinach artichoke dip. My sister makes the best spinach artichoke dip, and believe me, we make sure she brings it to all of our parties and get togethers. However, the name can be misleading. For instance, just because spinach artichoke dip has two vegetables in its name, does not mean it is healthy for you. In fact, a two and a half ounce serving of this delicious dip contains around 695 calories, and once again, this dish contains many of those fatty, high calorie cheeses we discussed before. Your best option would be to resist the pull of this temptation and maybe head to the fruit tray instead. However, you need to also resist the pull of all those tasty fruit dips and chocolate dips we love to slather on our fruit.

  3. Eggnog. I love when Christmas season comes along because eggnog magically reappears on the grocery shelves. I just can’t get over the silky taste, but this calorie laden drink can really do some harm to your weight loss journey. One cup of eggnog contains 343 calories, and if you are like me, one little cup is not enough. Also, many people like to add in a little something extra. One ounce of rum or brandy could add an extra 65 calories to your eggnog making the grand total 408 calories in that one little cup of eggnog. The best option would be to opt for a calorie free drink to fast track your weight loss goals.

  4. Cheesecake. You can not say the name cheesecake without drooling. I mean, what is more wonderful than staying in on a cold winter’s day sipping coffee and eating a slice of cheesecake. However, when you consider that one slice of plain cheesecake contains over 400 calories, we might want to rethink this perfect winter scenario. Also, who can have plain cheesecake? We want our cheesecake to be covered in chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries or cherries, and this can, of course, increase the amount of calories we are consuming. It may be hard to put down our slice of cheesecake, but it may be better for us to choose the other Christmas cake staple. A slice of fruitcake will be easier to burn off at only 139 calories per slice. Even though, we all know, it is not the same.

  5. Sugar cookies. We all have to make cookies for Santa, right? And, what can we do if we accidentally make too many? I guess we’ll just have to eat them. Sugar cookies are perfect for the holidays because they are so easy to decorate. We can add icing and different candy toppings to make them look like all different types of holiday decorations. They just look so festive, and it does not hurt that they taste so good. However, you may want to put down that sugar cookie if you are trying to lose weight. One sugar cookie contains 113 calories, 9 grams of sugar and 5 grams of fat, and we all know you can not eat just one sugar cookie. And, to add fire to the flame, most of these cookies are not plain. As mentioned before, our little decorations on these cookies can add to all the totals mentioned. So, maybe again you would like to stick with that one slice of fruitcake that only has 139 calories.

It can be so hard sticking with our diet, especially during the holiday season. The best thing to remember is moderation. It may be fine to cheat on your diet every now and then, but the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to see all of our hard work go down the drain, so you need to be stay diligent and pay extra attention to what you are eating.

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We have all seen those people. The ones who can seem to do no wrong and accomplish everything they set out to do. They may be in the gym rocking it with all their friends, in the club dancing it up or just walking by you on the street, but we all see them. They are often referred to as the skinny ones and the ones with the bodies we want but will never have. Well, instead of being jealous of those people, it is time to turn ourselves into one of those people. Here is a look at some of the best secrets to use when you are trying to shed those extra pounds.

  1. Have a plan. You can not achieve anything if you do not have a plan. How can you attempt having a set fitness routine, when you are all over the place? You need to know ahead of time what your goals are and when and how you expect to achieve them. You should also write down a meal plan and keep track of everything you are eating. If you can plan a nutritious meal ahead of time then you are more likely to avoid any unhealthy options. You should also know where, when and how you are going to workout. By having your workouts sketched out ahead of time, you will more than likely lose a few of the normal excuses for skipping the gym. If you are prepared for your day ahead of time, your chances of failing will be pretty low.

  2. Be aware if what you are putting into your body. Nutrition labels can be misleading, and portions can be out of control. Many of us do not even check the labels on the food that we are eating, and if we do, we may not notice how small the portions actually are. So, it is time for you to take notice. Check those labels and measure your portions prior to digging in, and if you go out to a restaurant to eat, you can be pretty sure that your meal is going to be way above the recommended size. So, to play it safe, you should eat half now and save the other half for later.

  3. Don’t focus on only one type of exercise. Cardio is great at burning calories, so in order to lose weight quickly, we should do as much cardio as possible, right? Cardio is a great element to have in your fitness routine, but in order to get the best results, your workout should contain many different types of exercise. This type of mindset can also keep you away from one of the best ways to lose weight, strength training. Strength training helps you shed fat and build muscle, and we all know that muscle is more compact than fat and can help us burn calories even after we finish our workout. Also, you need to add a little variety to your routine to ensure that your body does not get to use to your routine and you stay engaged and motivated throughout your routine.

  4. Have fun. People will find an excuse to avoid things that they do not like, and their fitness routine is no different. If you find yourself trying to power through your regular fitness routine, you definitely need to change things. Your fitness routine should never be something you have to get through. It should be something you look forward to doing. Only you have the power to get into this mindset. You have to find something you enjoy that will have you stay physically active. There are so many different options and fitness classes out there. All you need to do is put yourself out there and find something that does not feel like work to you.

  5. Take baby steps. You want to maintain your motivation throughout your weight loss journey, and nothing can affect your motivation like the feeling of failure. You do not want to set goals that will take a long time to achieve or ones that are so hard it is virtually impossible to achieve them. You need to set goals that can help push you along the way. It can feel good to notice the little changes and celebrating these baby steps can boost your motivation. You could reward yourself for sticking to your fitness routine for an entire week, drinking more glasses of water, introducing new fruits and veggies to your diet or adding five extra minutes to your workout. Remember that all of these little steps can inch you that much closer to success.

Hopefully, you will be able to put a few of these secrets to good use, and you may even be able to turn yourself into one of those people that everyone is jealous of and wants to be. Who knows, one of them may be that one thing you needed to help you achieve those weight loss goals?

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Strength training is a great element to add to your fitness routine if you are wanting to lose weight and tone your body. However, many women believe preconceived notions about strength training that make them hesitant to add it to their fitness routine. These ideas about lifting weight have been around forever and just won’t go away. So, here we will look at a few of the more common weight lifting myths floating around out there and bust them. Hopefully, we will be able to help you change your mind about adding that weight lifting routine to your daily workout.

  1. I will become bulky. Most women can not gain muscle mass very quickly or easily because it requires a lot of testosterone to build muscle. Believe me, you will not start a weight lifting program and wake up the next day turned into the Hulk. In fact, strength training is the perfect way to rev up your metabolism and continue to burn more calories after your workout. You may notice that you are hungrier after you strength training routines, but that is to be expected because of the revved metabolism and the higher number of calories burnt. Therefore, you may need to watch what you are eating to ensure that you do not gain weight, but as a woman, you are highly unlikely to turn into a body builder just by adding a strength training routine to your usual workout.

  2. Strength training can target and tone certain areas. It is impossible to dictate to your body which areas you to shed fat in first. Some of the lucky ones will be able to lose weight in their so called problem areas, but others may lose it everywhere except the place they were targeting. Unfortunately, we do not get to pick and choose which sections we would like to shape. It would be great if we could, but it is basically up to your body to decide where the fat is going to come off first. For example, most of us think that if we do a hundred crunches, we will have those perfect washboard abs we have always dreamed of, but as most of us find out after relentlessly doing a hundred crunches, this is just not true. The same holds true for strength training exercises.

  3. It is too dangerous. Any exercise is dangerous if you do not know how to perform it. I mean these days trying to walk across the street can be dangerous, especially if you just blindly run across it. The main thing here is to seek out the proper ways to strength train. There are many things you can do to lower your risk of injury such as hiring a trainer, perfecting your form, seeking the help of professionals and knowing your limits. You do not want to jump into strength training without knowing anything about it. Just like, you do not want to run across the street without looking both ways and determining if you can move fast enough to avoid being hit by a car.

  4. Strength training can transform fat into muscle. There is no way that you are turning fat into muscle. You can not turn a dog into a cat. They are two completely different things. It is just not possible. However, you can reduce your body fat and increase your muscles mass, which may make you believe that you turned fat into muscle. The same could also be said if you stop building muscle. Your muscle will not turn into fat, but you may increase your fat and lose some muscle mass. However, they did not transform into one another. The main thing to remember is that you want to strength train to decrease your body fat and increase your muscle mass because we would all like to be a little less jiggly and a lot firmer.

There are a lot of good reasons to add strength training to your fitness routine. It helps us achieve our weight loss goals faster, builds up our strength and endurance, boosts our confidence and makes us feel healthier. If you have steering clear of strength training because of these myths, then it may be time to revisit the idea of adding some sort of strength training routine to your daily workout.

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There are many misunderstandings when it comes to dieting. There are a lot of rumors floating around out there that any of us take for truths. Whether we know the real facts or not can cause major havoc in our diets. If we believe these false truths, we could end up sabotaging our weight loss goals. Here we have gathered four of the most common diet myths and help you find different ways to go about dieting that can get you those results you have been craving.

  1. If your aim is to lose weight, then you have to cut back on food. This is often not true. You should never starve yourself to lose weight. Instead we need to learn about portion control and eating healthy foods. If you try to eat less, it could cause you to be in a very bad mood and make you eat more unhealthy foods at the end of your day. However, when you eat properly throughout the day, you will feel more satisfied and more eager to follow this type of nutritious meal plan.

  2. Fat in any form is bad. A lot of us think that we have to eliminate all fat from our diets. This is not actually true, as many of us can’t seem to believe. There are different types of fat, and some of them are bad for us, (think fried chicken or doughnuts) while others happen to be essential for us. So, if you are opting for fat free items because you think it will fast track your weight loss, then you’re missing the mark. Your body has to have a certain amount of fat to process certain vitamins antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin D, and vitamin E. So, do not be afraid to allow the proper amount of healthy fats in your diet. Nut butters, lite cheeses, oils and avocado are great examples. Fats should be 20-30% of your diet daily.

  3. Meals low in fat and salt have no flavor. There are multiple ways to incorporate different flavors and tastes into your meal. You do not have to rely on fat and salt to bring you flavor. You could try some new spices, experiment with different herbs and look for healthy types of condiments. You never know how much they can take your food to the next level without adding fat or sodium to your diet, until you try them. However, if you are buying ready made spice mixtures, you should check the label for its sodium content just to be sure. Many pre made seasoning kits come with salt already added.

  4. You have to bake or steam your food to lose weight. Many of us believe that in order to eat healthy and lose weight, we have to cook all our food by baking or steaming it. This is not true and can get pretty boring eating the same thing over and over. You need to branch out and realize there are other healthy ways to cook your food. However, you could try grilling, roasting, sauteing or broiling your food. This way you could get a little more variety in your meals, and you would still be eating a healthy and nutritious meal that is full of flavor and still supports your weight loss goals.

It can be a long hard struggle trying to lose weight, and we do not need to be following false truths trying to reach our ideal weight. This will only lead to failure and disappointment. So, do the proper research before you believe any weight loss gossip that happens to be floating around. Healthy living is fun when you do it right!

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Losing weight is not an easy task. You have to remain consistent with your efforts and give it your all if you want to be able to see any type of results. This is a lot easier said than done for most of us. We have a hectic schedule that is not fitness friendly, we want immediate results and do not put in as much effort as we should. So, how can we get back on track and give our fitness routines all the effort and energy it needs to be successful? We have to stay motivated, and we need to find that one thing that gives us the push we need when we need it. So, here are just a few techniques you can try to help you stay motivated during your weight loss journey.

  1. Take it one day at a time. This means you should not overwhelm yourself. You only have to get through today, so eat as you should today and workout as you should today. Do not worry about tomorrow because you will get to that tomorrow and rock it, of course. So, get on with today and forget about the worries of tomorrow.

  2. Make proper goals. Some of us expect to lose a lot of weight instantly, and this is not usually realistic. It will take a while to see results. It would be unhealthy and hurt us in the long run if this were to happen. So, you need to set realistic goals that you can achieve with a little hard work. There is nothing more devastating than not achieving our goals. You could take a huge blow to your motivation and confidence if you were to set an unachievable goal, and this may cause an abrupt end to your fitness routine.

  3. Believe in yourself. You need to be your biggest cheerleader. You need to stay positive and surround yourself with positivity. If you believe that you can do it, then you will do it. However, if you do not think you can do it, then you will fail. So, stay positive and push yourself to get the results that you want. Remember, with a little hard work you can do it!

  4. Reward yourself. You have to take notice of the little things. Every accomplishment is progress and should be treated as such. Just because you have not reached your weight loss goal, does not mean other things should not be celebrated. If you were able to run an extra lap, added five more pounds to your normal strength training routine or added ten more reps to your usual workout, then you should acknowledge it and reward yourself. You can buy some new clothes, get together with friends or take some quality time for you.

  5. Try not to compare your progress to other’s progress. It is hard to do this when you are at the gym. You may see others around you that you think are easily achieving their goals. However, you are doing yourself a huge disservice by comparing yourself to others. We are all different and our bodies react differently to different stimuli. The people you are comparing yourself to may have been working out much longer than you, have different goals or be at a different fitness level than you. You do not know what their story is, so focus on you and your progress. You need to be proud of the accomplishments you are making and not being jealous of the progress of others.

It can be a long, hard road when it comes to trying to lose weight, but if you stick with it  and put in the time and effort needed, you will achieve your goals. So, get out there, get motivated and get the body that you want.

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Most of us know that in order to achieve our weight loss goals, we have to stop going out to eat. We can have better portion control and consume a lot less fat and calories by cooking our own meals. However, sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you have to go out to eat. You may have a family or job function you have to attend or be invited to a party you just don’t want to miss. So, how can you celebrate with friends and family or go to a required job function without sabotaging your weight loss goals? There are a few things you can do to limit the amount of damage done to your new healthy lifestyle and still manage to get out of the house at the same time.

  • Skip the sodas and opt for water. Many studies have found that the average American ingests an additional 245 calories a day from guzzling our favorite soft drinks. This can add up to almost 90,000 calories a year, which is around an extra 25 pounds! Furthermore, this research shows that even by consuming these extra calories, our favorite sugary drinks just can’t give us that sense of fullness the way food can. So, by choosing water, you can eliminate some of the excess calories and sugar from your meal.

  • Put down your fork in between bites. This method is perfect for helping you to realize if you are still hungry. Did you know that our brains has a lag time of about twenty minutes when it comes to sending our bodies a signal that we are full? This lag time is crucial in controlling your weight. If you can find a way to eat slower, your brain will be able to catch up to your body, and you will find that you are no longer hungry much quicker. This can easily put an end to overeating and, of course, bellyaches.

  • Look for healthy options and order the smallest sizes. Many restaurants are now offering healthy choices. While these choices may not be as healthy as eating at home, most of the time they are healthier than other items on their menu. If the restaurant you are visiting does not have healthy options, try ordering the smallest sizes they have available. Try to opt for the healthiest choice available to you when you go out and then, do not overdo it.

  • Do not eat your entire meal. We all know restaurants do not follow the proper portion sizes. In fact, many surveys have shown that most restaurants have even enlarged their plates just to fit more food on them. So, if you want to lose weight, you should not eat your entire meal. Try saving some for tomorrow or splitting your meal with a friend. I know it can be extremely tempting to eat your entire meal, especially if it is sitting right in front of you, so your best bet may be to go ahead and get the waitress to bag up half of your meal ahead of time. This way you avoid temptation and can be sure that you do not overindulge.

  • Skip dessert. If the meal is high in fat and calories and does not follow the proper portion guidelines, then you can rest assured that the desserts served by the restaurant would follow these same rules and probably then some. By adding more fat and calories to your already higher normal than average meal, your diet has just taken a double whammy that can be especially hard to overcome. So, do not try to convince yourself that you can work off this excess amount of fat at the gym the next day because it is obviously not realistic. So, do yourself a favor and skip the dessert menu.

Going out to eat with friends, family or work colleagues is suppose to be a treat, and most of us really do enjoy getting in that extra social time. However, you do not want to get this extra social time by putting your weight loss goals in jeopardy. It is okay to have some fun sometimes. We all deserve a treat every now and then, but remember these tips to ensure that you do not completely wreck your weight loss goals while having fun.

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Weight loss can be hard, but as long as we can hold onto our motivation and keep working towards our goals, then we can eventually achieve our dreams. One of the best ways to stay motivated and build momentum is by rewarding ourselves for a job well done; however, we need to ensure that these rewards do not undermine all of our hard work. When we constantly reward ourselves with food, we are actually sabotaging our weight loss journey. That fun night out or that extra dessert can really add up, especially when you are trying so hard to lose weight. Therefore, you should look for other ways to reward yourself than through food alone.

If you are one of the many who are struggling to come up with ways to reward yourself that does not involve food, then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of a few of my favorite things that you can reward yourself with that will not hurt your weight loss journey.

  • Get in some extra alone time. We all need some quality time just by ourselves every now and then. It is just natural to feel the need to step away from others once in a while to get a little down time, and this could be the perfect way to reward yourself for achieving a new weight loss milestone. You could take a nice, long, hot bubble bath, go shopping, visit a museum, take a stroll through the park or whatever makes you happy. It is your way of rewarding yourself for your accomplishments with something you like.

  • Buy some new workout clothes. This reward can also help build your confidence. You want your workout clothes to fit you properly, and as long as you are losing weight, then you will always need new ones. It will only make you feel better about your weight loss to look into the mirror and see yourself in a nice fitting workout suit and not something super baggy. So, get out there and buy something cute that fits you right in all the right places.

  • Go to the spa. You have been working so hard to lose that excess weight, so why not treat yourself? You want to look good when you reach your weight loss goals, so go out and get your hair and nails done or get a nice relaxing massage that will put you at ease. You could get a facial to make you glow or if you feel like splurging, you can get an entire makeover. Also, if you feel as if this may be a little too expensive, do not worry. You could do your own pampering at home. You can find many at home spa ideas online and even invite friends over for a nice pampering and socializing session.

  • Plan a night out with your friends. You can get in some extra socializing and show off your weight loss at the same time. Your friends may be amazed at how good you look, and you get to spend the night hearing them sing your praises. However, you need to be careful visiting bars and restaurants to avoid the whole excess food rewards damaging your weight loss journey. So, go out and have fun, but avoid overindulging.

  • Buy a new outfit. You are losing weight, so of course, your older clothes are not going to fit you properly. Therefore, you should celebrate your weight loss by getting an outfit that fits the new you. As an added bonus, you may begin to notice others staring at you because they can now see how much weight you have lost, and some may even compliment you on how great you look in your new outfit.

Trying to lose weight can be a long and hard journey, but if we reward ourselves for the progress we make, we are more likely to stick with it. Therefore, you need to recognize the progress you have made and find creative ways to reward yourself for every little inch you move toward your goals. So, try not to dwell too much on the setbacks you may encounter and celebrate the baby steps you make along the way.

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Did you know that when women have a night out, they usually prefer to drink their calories instead of eat them? Well, it is true. Most of us do not think or realize that just because something comes in liquid form, it still affects our caloric intake and therefore, our weight loss goals. Many cocktails are loaded down with sugars and syrups that will also add many more unseen calories to your daily intake. It is easy to overindulge in our cocktails when we are having fun and not thinking about the effect they could pose on our weight loss results.


It is easy to overindulge when you are drinking. Alcohol causes our brain to release a chemical known as dopamine. This chemical helps us to lower our inhibitions, as many of us may have noticed while we are drinking. With lower inhibitions comes higher susceptibility to overindulging in those high in fat and deep fried bar foods. You know the late night feeling when drinking does not seem to satisfy your hunger, so you mindlessly start shoveling in nachos, wings, chili cheese fries or whatever is within reaching distance. The worst part is that most bars do not offer healthy options, and they do not follow proper portion sizes. So, not only do you eat more than you normally would or should, you are eating foods high in fat and calories, which can be catastrophic to your weight loss goals.

Affects your metabolism

Alcoholic drinks can cause problems with the way you burn fat and calories. Your liver is actually in charge of the way you burn fat, and we all know the ill effects alcohol can have on your liver. Your liver metabolizes the fat in your body in order for you to use it as energy, but when you drink your liver instead begins to shift from burning your fat stores to burning only the excess calories you are consuming from your cocktails. Since you are not burning your body fat for energy, you will inadvertently be hindering your weight loss efforts, and it could also lead to a buildup of fatty acids in your body. This will result in a double whammy to your weight loss routine and may lead you down the path of quitting your weight loss routine altogether.

Cutting back on your cocktails, no matter how tasty or low calorie you think they may be, is essential to achieving your weight loss goals. You may be one of the ones that trick yourself into thinking these calories won’t add up because they are liquid. Well, believe me this is not true. So, the next time you go out try to be aware of all the calories you may be consuming from this cocktail and try to opt for smarter and healthier choices just as you would for your meals.

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