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In the latest issue of Entrepreneur magazine Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, founder and CEO of 9Round fitness, gets up close and personal. In the article he discusses the 9Round fitness concept, how he started out and how much he has grown his business in just a few years time. As a professional kickboxer, he was able to compete for and win the International Kickboxing Federation Light Middleweight World Championship. Being a professional fighter, he was in peak physical condition but began to notice that others around him were not. So, he decided to create a fun and creative way for people to achieve their fitness goals by bringing some of the elements of his training to the average person.


The routine

Shannon Hudson wanted to be able to bring his kickboxing training to the average person. He began to focus on circuit training like Curves and fixated himself on a way to create a thirty minute kickboxing workout. He eventually came up with his 9Round fitness routine, which centers on nine challenging stations. Each station lasts for three minutes and focuses on a different element of your fitness routine that when combined gives you a full body workout. In only thirty minutes you can burn between 500 to 600 calories. The genius behind the circuit training format is that it eliminates the need for class times, which means you can come by any 9Round during business hours and start your workout.

The culture

In the article Shannon Hudson recognizes that all of his 9Round fitness centers have more female than male members. He gives credit to his wife and co-founder, Heather Hudson. He and Heather try to keep the atmosphere upbeat and fun, while still focusing on fitness. 9Round wants to ensure that you are always excited and looking forward to each and every workout in order to help you stick with your fitness routine and quickly achieve your fitness goals. Shannon states that they want to make each 9Round feel like a nightclub but without the drinks. It helps to get you pumped up and ready to wail on some heavy bags.

For all levels

Many people may be intimidated to start a kickboxing fitness routine, especially if they have no kickboxing experience. However, at 9Round you can rest easy. Each and every workout comes with a certified 9Round trainer, which enables us to tailor the perfect workout for your fitness level and your specific goals. Our trainers will walk you through each move until you feel confident enough to perform them on your own. You will always have someone watching you to ensure you are following the correct form and stay injury free. There is a lady in her 60s who had a knee replacement that regularly visits 9Round, and our trainers simply substitute in different exercises for her. In turn, we also have professional athletes use our gyms, where our trainers may need to amp up their fitness routines. We cater to all levels, and since we have personal trainers we can accommodate just about anyone.

It is exciting to say the least at seeing how fast 9Round has grown and how many people are embracing the 9Round way of life. When Shannon Hudson started out in 2008 he had to beg and borrow to open his first gym. However, in one month’s time he had over 100 members and kept steadily plowing ahead. Now 9Round has over 100 locations up and running in the US with many more in the works. They are also looking into becoming worldwide. Snap Fitness, a major player in the fitness industry, agreed with Hudson’s idea and decide to buy into it. With a powerhouse like Snap Fitness giving them an extra push there is no doubt that 9Round will be around for a while.

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In the latest issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, they released their list of franchises that are off to a big start. This list contains fifty seven of the top most successful new franchises. In order to be on this list, you have to be one of the franchises previously listed in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500, and each of the businesses listed must have began franchising within the last five years. Entrepreneur Magazine states that the last five years has been a difficult time to start a business, but somehow even in these tough economic times, these franchises have helped thousands of people achieve their dream of owning their own successful business. This makes 9Round especially proud to be ranked number eighteen out of fifty seven on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of top new franchises.

    Entrepreneur Magazine’s latest list recognizes the growing trends in business. There are many different types of businesses that are trending now, but they state that in the last few years the biggest area of growth in the franchise industry is beyond a doubt happening in the fitness industry. The fitness industry has experienced a major boom, not only in America, but throughout the world. Many people are realizing the importance of maintaining some sort of fitness routine to lead a happy and healthy life. In fact there are fifteen fitness franchises on Entrepreneur’s top new franchises list. That is approximately 26% of their list. You can see how recession proof the fitness industry seems to be. It is amazing that this industry seems to be thriving in a time when most businesses are feeling the pinch.

    9Round is growing exponentially thanks, not only to the rising popularity of the fitness industry, but also because of its easy to follow and well laid out business model, which focuses on only what is necessary. Our low start up and operating costs also attracts many aspiring business owners. A 9Round fitness routine focuses on techniques from boxing and martial arts. Most of the routines center around punching and kicking heavy bags, so there is no need to invest in complicated machinery. Most of our gyms can be set up in 1000 to 1500 square feet, which is a pretty small space when compared to other gyms. You only need to buy and invest in the necessary equipment. Most of our gyms can be run with as little as one to four employees. All of these combine to help you maintain a low overhead and a low startup cost.

    9Round prides itself on helping others achieve their dreams of owning their own business. We want others to enjoy the same great success that we have. We want you to experience the joy of seeing your own business succeed and become profitable just as we have. That is why we came up with our simple business plan that requires the minimal investment from our aspiring 9Round owners. If you want to learn more about franchise opportunities in your area please stop by our franchise website. You can find the answers to many of your questions there, or you can contact us through the website with any concerned or unanswered questions. If you like what you see , you can go ahead and fill out the request for consideration form to be on your way to owning your own 9Round.

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