Strength training is a great element to add to your fitness routine if you are wanting to lose weight and tone your body. However, many women believe preconceived notions about strength training that make them hesitant to add it to their fitness routine. These ideas about lifting weight have been around forever and just won’t go away. So, here we will look at a few of the more common weight lifting myths floating around out there and bust them. Hopefully, we will be able to help you change your mind about adding that weight lifting routine to your daily workout.

  1. I will become bulky. Most women can not gain muscle mass very quickly or easily because it requires a lot of testosterone to build muscle. Believe me, you will not start a weight lifting program and wake up the next day turned into the Hulk. In fact, strength training is the perfect way to rev up your metabolism and continue to burn more calories after your workout. You may notice that you are hungrier after you strength training routines, but that is to be expected because of the revved metabolism and the higher number of calories burnt. Therefore, you may need to watch what you are eating to ensure that you do not gain weight, but as a woman, you are highly unlikely to turn into a body builder just by adding a strength training routine to your usual workout.

  2. Strength training can target and tone certain areas. It is impossible to dictate to your body which areas you to shed fat in first. Some of the lucky ones will be able to lose weight in their so called problem areas, but others may lose it everywhere except the place they were targeting. Unfortunately, we do not get to pick and choose which sections we would like to shape. It would be great if we could, but it is basically up to your body to decide where the fat is going to come off first. For example, most of us think that if we do a hundred crunches, we will have those perfect washboard abs we have always dreamed of, but as most of us find out after relentlessly doing a hundred crunches, this is just not true. The same holds true for strength training exercises.

  3. It is too dangerous. Any exercise is dangerous if you do not know how to perform it. I mean these days trying to walk across the street can be dangerous, especially if you just blindly run across it. The main thing here is to seek out the proper ways to strength train. There are many things you can do to lower your risk of injury such as hiring a trainer, perfecting your form, seeking the help of professionals and knowing your limits. You do not want to jump into strength training without knowing anything about it. Just like, you do not want to run across the street without looking both ways and determining if you can move fast enough to avoid being hit by a car.

  4. Strength training can transform fat into muscle. There is no way that you are turning fat into muscle. You can not turn a dog into a cat. They are two completely different things. It is just not possible. However, you can reduce your body fat and increase your muscles mass, which may make you believe that you turned fat into muscle. The same could also be said if you stop building muscle. Your muscle will not turn into fat, but you may increase your fat and lose some muscle mass. However, they did not transform into one another. The main thing to remember is that you want to strength train to decrease your body fat and increase your muscle mass because we would all like to be a little less jiggly and a lot firmer.

There are a lot of good reasons to add strength training to your fitness routine. It helps us achieve our weight loss goals faster, builds up our strength and endurance, boosts our confidence and makes us feel healthier. If you have steering clear of strength training because of these myths, then it may be time to revisit the idea of adding some sort of strength training routine to your daily workout.

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You may have noticed that the temperatures have already started dropping. Winter is on its way, and this means you have to rethink your workout plans. There are many new obstacles you may face with your outdoor workout routine that you did not have to worry about in the summer. Many of us may want to hide inside for the rest of the season, but there are still a lot of us who long for the great outdoors and like to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. We need to remember that it can be fun to venture outdoors, but we need to play it safe and be prepared for these extreme temperatures. There are a few things that you can do to make your outdoor workout a little more enjoyable and easier on your body.

Know your route

You should always plan your route ahead of time, but in the winter, it can be a necessity. You want to be aware of your surroundings and know where every hole or patch of ice may be. Of course you should always opt for paths that are well lit and regularly traveled, and if you live where it snows a lot, you will want to seek out pathways that are plowed and kept up regularly. Black ice is also a hazard for those who enjoy outdoor winter workouts. It can be hard to see black ice, but if you are familiar with the area, you may be more aware of where it could be or tends to be, which can help you avoid a nasty fall.

Don’t forget the warm up

The warm up is the perfect time in any workout to help prepare your body for the workout ahead. It can also help our bodies prepare for the harsh cold that awaits us. Before you rush out that door for your afternoon jog, remember to prepare yourself. You need to get your body warm prior to exposing it to outside elements. You should walk or jog indoors for at least five minutes to help get your core temperature up and get your body ready for the workout ahead.

Take little steps

When you begin your winter workout, try not to overestimate your abilities. Just because you were running five miles in the summer, does not mean you should expect the same results in the winter. Your body reacts differently to the cold and has to work harder. This means you may not be able to achieve the same results, so you should try to do about half as much as before. You do not want to overdo it and end up stopping to catch your breath. Once you stop, you will notice your body temperature dropping, and you do not want to get hypothermia. It would be even far worse if you were miles from home and out of breath in the cold. So, play it safe and take small steps in the beginning to give yourself the chance to learn your limits.

Stay hydrated

It is easy to notice how much we are sweating in the summer, but in the winter, it can be a little trickier. Your may not notice how much you are sweating under all those layers, but you can rest assured that even in the winter you are sweating. So, you need to pay more attention to hydrating yourself because it would feel horrible becoming weak and dehydrated in the cold. You may need to keep your water bottle under your clothes or close to your skin to keep it from freezing, but you definitely need to take some water with you during your winter workouts.

Switch up your schedule

You may love starting your day off with a morning run or ending your day with an evening, but during winter, these are some of the coldest times. It may be frustrating having to change up your workout schedule, but it could help you stay a little safer and warmer during those cold runs. If you can hold off until the mid-afternoon, the temperatures will have warmed up and the pathways are more likely to be plowed. This means the best time to enjoy your run may be a little later or earlier than you are used to, but it can help you be safer and more comfortable in the long run.

It can be difficult trying to maintain your fitness routine in the winter. The cold can make us want to stay under our blankets a little longer and safely hide in our nicely heated homes. However, if you can find the willpower to venture outside, you just might discover that the weather is not as bad as you once thought it was.

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How to Relieve Sore Muscles

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It is normal to experience a little soreness after working out, especially if you have added a few changes to your fitness routine. It can be fun to mix it up every now and then, but muscle soreness is something you should be expecting when you do this. If you up the intensity, lengthen your workout time or perform new moves, your body has to have the time to get use to it. This all adds up to a higher risk of experiencing some body aches. So, how do you cope with these aches and still continue your fitness routine? Here are a few tips to help you get through these times and back to your fitness routine as soon as possible.

  • Indirectly ice it. Most experts recommend wrapping an ice pack in a thin towel and applying it to the affected area. This should give you instant relief, help lessen the damage done and speed healing. While a heat pack may feel great while it is on, it will not lessen the damage done or help your aches go away sooner. So, you should put ice on the sore area, and if you feel the need to add heat later, it will not hurt. In fact, heat will help to increase your circulation and ease your joint pain when applied after your ice pack.

  • Take a bath. Many people love the feeling of a nice bath on their sore and achy muscles. It can enhance your circulation and give you some temporary relief from the pain. Also, if you add epsom salts to your bath, you can get an added boost to relieving your sore muscles. You can even find epsom salts that are specifically geared towards relieving those sore and achy muscles. You could even splurge on some nicely scented ones that will help you relax after your long, hard workout.

  • Drink plenty of water. We all know that water is a main component of our workouts. We have to stay hydrated. If you do happen to become dehydrated, it will only make your sore muscles feel worse. Therefore, you should always drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout to try to prevent the onset of sore muscles and to help ease the pain just in case you happen to overdo it.

  • Stretch. Stretching is an important part of every fitness routine. Before you cool all the way down, you need to stretch your muscles. You do not want to allow them to stiffen before you get the chance to stretch them. By stretching, you are helping your muscles become more flexible and increasing the flow of oxygen to them. This increased oxygen will help your muscles relax and recover. So, you need to remember to stretch at the end of every workout to reduce your chances of being sore and achy.

  • Rest. You need to get plenty of sleep and relaxation. Sleep is the time your body uses to repair itself, so by denying yourself sleep, you are denying your body the chance to repair itself. You also need to take it easy until your muscles have completely healed. This means cutting back on your workout and enjoying a little bit of down time. You do not have to quit your fitness routine entirely, but you need to pay attention to your body and try not push yourself too hard while your body is trying to recover. Play it safe and take it easy for a few days, and then see how your body feels before jumping back into your normal fitness routine.

It is normal to experience muscle soreness every now and then from your fitness routine, but if you are experiencing it more and more or if the pain is more intense, then you need to seek the advice of your doctor. You do not want to have an injury and push through it because you will only end up making the injury much worse and taking a longer break from your fitness routine than you planned. Therefore, you need to play it safe and take the time needed to repair your sore muscles.

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A lot of us have a love-hate relationship with the gym. We know we have to go, but for some of us, we dread walking through those doors. We need to find a way to love going to the gym so that we look forward to our fitness routines. This can help us stay motivated and easily achieve our goals much faster. So, how can we change our attitude about the gym? Here are just a few reasons to keep in mind when you start dreading your visit to the gym.

  1. Socialize with people who have your same goals. This is the perfect place to become connected with others who are striving to do the same thing you are. They can become your fitness buddies, motivate you to work harder and offer you support in times of need.

  1. Exercise year round. It can be fun exercising outside but sometimes the seasons just don’t agree with this. You may have allergies that act up at a certain time. The rain, cold or heat can also dampen your outside workout plans. Weather can be fickle in many places but if you visit the gym, you can always workout no matter what the weather is doing outside.

  1. Access to professionals. If you are a fitness newbie or trying to switch up your routine, you may need expert help. Most gyms give you access to a personal trainer that can help walk you through your fitness routine and even design it just for you. If you do need help, do not hesitate to ask the gym employees for help. They are a great perk that comes along with your gym membership.

  1. Access to different types of equipment. Some of us may be afraid to try new things, but by trying new or different types of exercises, you can workout your entire body and easily achieve an overall toned look. You can achieve a more effective workout by adding in some variety and seeking the guidance needed on how to successfully perform these moves.

  1. Meal planning help. Most gyms are now realizing that in order to help their members reach their goals, they need to offer them assistance with meal planning. Many gyms now have an onsite nutritional team that can map out the perfect meals tailored to help their members become healthier.

  1. Guidance from a trainer. Some gyms have a trainer that can assist you in properly performing any new or difficult exercises you are trying to learn. Most gyms charge extra for a trainer, but there are some brands that actually have the trainer included in your workout at no extra cost. 9Round Fitness is one of them.

The gym can be a scary place that many of us are afraid to visit. However, we can easily start to look forward to going to the gym. All we have to do is change our attitudes and how we view our gym visits. Then we may actually begin to see just how much fun going to the gym can truly be.

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There are many misunderstandings when it comes to dieting. There are a lot of rumors floating around out there that any of us take for truths. Whether we know the real facts or not can cause major havoc in our diets. If we believe these false truths, we could end up sabotaging our weight loss goals. Here we have gathered four of the most common diet myths and help you find different ways to go about dieting that can get you those results you have been craving.

  1. If your aim is to lose weight, then you have to cut back on food. This is often not true. You should never starve yourself to lose weight. Instead we need to learn about portion control and eating healthy foods. If you try to eat less, it could cause you to be in a very bad mood and make you eat more unhealthy foods at the end of your day. However, when you eat properly throughout the day, you will feel more satisfied and more eager to follow this type of nutritious meal plan.

  2. Fat in any form is bad. A lot of us think that we have to eliminate all fat from our diets. This is not actually true, as many of us can’t seem to believe. There are different types of fat, and some of them are bad for us, (think fried chicken or doughnuts) while others happen to be essential for us. So, if you are opting for fat free items because you think it will fast track your weight loss, then you’re missing the mark. Your body has to have a certain amount of fat to process certain vitamins antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin D, and vitamin E. So, do not be afraid to allow the proper amount of healthy fats in your diet. Nut butters, lite cheeses, oils and avocado are great examples. Fats should be 20-30% of your diet daily.

  3. Meals low in fat and salt have no flavor. There are multiple ways to incorporate different flavors and tastes into your meal. You do not have to rely on fat and salt to bring you flavor. You could try some new spices, experiment with different herbs and look for healthy types of condiments. You never know how much they can take your food to the next level without adding fat or sodium to your diet, until you try them. However, if you are buying ready made spice mixtures, you should check the label for its sodium content just to be sure. Many pre made seasoning kits come with salt already added.

  4. You have to bake or steam your food to lose weight. Many of us believe that in order to eat healthy and lose weight, we have to cook all our food by baking or steaming it. This is not true and can get pretty boring eating the same thing over and over. You need to branch out and realize there are other healthy ways to cook your food. However, you could try grilling, roasting, sauteing or broiling your food. This way you could get a little more variety in your meals, and you would still be eating a healthy and nutritious meal that is full of flavor and still supports your weight loss goals.

It can be a long hard struggle trying to lose weight, and we do not need to be following false truths trying to reach our ideal weight. This will only lead to failure and disappointment. So, do the proper research before you believe any weight loss gossip that happens to be floating around. Healthy living is fun when you do it right!

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Kickboxing is a perfect fitness routine for just about everyone no matter their gender, age or fitness level. A kickboxing fitness routine works out your entire body, which helps you burn fat quickly and tone your entire body. You will leave your workout feeling empowered, confident and a little less stressed. Your mind, body and heart will all be thanking you for it afterward. Here is a list of some of my favorite benefits of kickboxing.

  • A good fit for all. Kickboxing is a great fitness routine for everyone. It does not discriminate. You can be old or young, a man or woman, an experienced athlete or a fitness newbie; it does not matter. Everyone can easily benefit from this workout, and all are encouraged to try it.

  • Easily adaptable. A kickboxing fitness routine can be easily adapted to fit your needs and fitness level. You start with a trainer to learn the basic moves and finally progress into easily flowing with these movements. Eventually, you will add more complex moves at a higher speed and adding in some extra weight. This makes it easy to start your kickboxing routine and then progress to different levels.

  • Excellent at burning calories and melting fat. Most people burn an average of 500 calories per hour performing this intense fitness routine, and the more effort you put into your routine the higher that number could be. This all adds up to quickly shedding that excess fat and achieving your weight loss goals in no time.

  • Tones your entire body. You workout your entire body during a normal kickboxing fitness routine. You will work on your arms, shoulders, legs and core simultaneously giving you the best results you have ever seen. This workout will give you an evenly toned and sculpted body that you feel proud to flaunt.

  • Relieves stress. Not only does kickboxing release endorphins, like every other form of exercise, it also gives you the chance to release some extra frustration in a healthy way. You can kick and punch your way to releasing that pent up aggression you may be experiencing. How many other workouts give you the chance to imagine beating up your archenemy?

  • Improves balance and coordination. All of those supposedly impossible moves that you thought were impossible to do, well guess what after a while of practicing them over and over you have finally mastered them. This hard work will give you an improved sense of balance and coordination that can easily benefit you in your everyday routine. You may begin to notice that you are not as clumsy and move a little more gracefully.

  • Improves endurance. All those intense workout sessions at the gym are starting to pay off. You notice that you are not as tired as you were before or as out of breath as you usually are. You may have even started adding some extra time to your workout. These little things will let you know that you have improved your endurance.

  • Builds confidence. Kickboxing will teach you moves that will have you feeling more confident, but there are many more aspects of kickboxing that can build your confidence, such as having a healthy and toned body you are proud of, achieving your fitness goals and having a healthier lifestyle.

  • Fun. Kickboxing is fun and fast paced. You get to learn something new and work on your body at the same time. You can crank up the music and start attacking those heavy bags, practice with a partner and throw some medicine balls and kettle bells around. The best thing is that you do not have to do the same old routine everyday. You can switch up your movements in kickboxing making it easy to stave off boredom and remain more engaged in your workout.

With all of these amazing benefits, it is easy to see why kickboxing has become one of the most popular fitness routines out there today. So, why not find a local 9Round near you and try out their fitness routine? You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so stop by our website and find a gym near you.

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Losing weight is not an easy task. You have to remain consistent with your efforts and give it your all if you want to be able to see any type of results. This is a lot easier said than done for most of us. We have a hectic schedule that is not fitness friendly, we want immediate results and do not put in as much effort as we should. So, how can we get back on track and give our fitness routines all the effort and energy it needs to be successful? We have to stay motivated, and we need to find that one thing that gives us the push we need when we need it. So, here are just a few techniques you can try to help you stay motivated during your weight loss journey.

  1. Take it one day at a time. This means you should not overwhelm yourself. You only have to get through today, so eat as you should today and workout as you should today. Do not worry about tomorrow because you will get to that tomorrow and rock it, of course. So, get on with today and forget about the worries of tomorrow.

  2. Make proper goals. Some of us expect to lose a lot of weight instantly, and this is not usually realistic. It will take a while to see results. It would be unhealthy and hurt us in the long run if this were to happen. So, you need to set realistic goals that you can achieve with a little hard work. There is nothing more devastating than not achieving our goals. You could take a huge blow to your motivation and confidence if you were to set an unachievable goal, and this may cause an abrupt end to your fitness routine.

  3. Believe in yourself. You need to be your biggest cheerleader. You need to stay positive and surround yourself with positivity. If you believe that you can do it, then you will do it. However, if you do not think you can do it, then you will fail. So, stay positive and push yourself to get the results that you want. Remember, with a little hard work you can do it!

  4. Reward yourself. You have to take notice of the little things. Every accomplishment is progress and should be treated as such. Just because you have not reached your weight loss goal, does not mean other things should not be celebrated. If you were able to run an extra lap, added five more pounds to your normal strength training routine or added ten more reps to your usual workout, then you should acknowledge it and reward yourself. You can buy some new clothes, get together with friends or take some quality time for you.

  5. Try not to compare your progress to other’s progress. It is hard to do this when you are at the gym. You may see others around you that you think are easily achieving their goals. However, you are doing yourself a huge disservice by comparing yourself to others. We are all different and our bodies react differently to different stimuli. The people you are comparing yourself to may have been working out much longer than you, have different goals or be at a different fitness level than you. You do not know what their story is, so focus on you and your progress. You need to be proud of the accomplishments you are making and not being jealous of the progress of others.

It can be a long, hard road when it comes to trying to lose weight, but if you stick with it  and put in the time and effort needed, you will achieve your goals. So, get out there, get motivated and get the body that you want.

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Today’s world is hectic for many of us. We have so much to do and so little time to do it in. When you look at the time you spend at your job, running household errands, taking care of the kids, spending time with your spouse and trying to fit in some quality you time, it is no wonder that most of us can not find the time to schedule in a consistent and regular fitness routine. However, we know we need to have a consistent fitness routine in order to stay fit and healthy. So, how can we schedule our fitness routines in these hectic times? We have compiled a list of tips that should make it a little easier for you to schedule and stick to a consistent fitness routine.

  1. Use a planner. It is your choice to use an online planner or a handwritten planner, whichever one you feel more comfortable with and are more likely to never lose. You should use this planner to keep your day planned out as much as possible. Your planner needs to be extremely detailed. You want to include everything you are doing by the hour and stick to it.

  2. Be specific with your workout times. You need to have a specific time written in your planner of when you are going to workout. If your planner says to be at the gym at 7 AM, then you need to do everything in your power to be at the gym at 7 AM. It is unavoidable that some days life will happen and throw off your planner, but you need to be prepared for this to happen. It never hurts to schedule in some extra workout time during the week just in case something comes up and you miss your normal workout time.

  3. Stay consistent. You should try to schedule the same time and same days each week to workout. Your body will become use to this schedule, and you will eventually find yourself on the way to the gym without having to put much thought into it. It will become a habit, and when fitness becomes a habit, you will be on your way to achieving the body of your dreams in no time.

  4. Remember your goals. There will be days when it is going to be harder to stick to your fitness routine. You may feel tired after a long day, feeling as if there is something more pressing you need to do at this time or feel too stressed to focus on your workout right now. However, you have to keep in mind the reasons why you started in the first place. There were certain goals you wished to accomplish by starting your fitness routine, and by keeping these goals in mind, you should be able to find your motivation and stick with your fitness routine.

It can be difficult trying to fit everything we need to do into our days; however, we need to remember our goals and how important our fitness routines are in our lives. And, who knows? With a little hard work and focus on all the little details, we may just be able to make our days a little bit more organized and productive.

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Don’t Fear the Gym

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Most of us know we need to have a consistent fitness routine to stay fit and healthy these days. But, what do you do if you are a gym-a-phobe, otherwise known as someone who is afraid of the gym? There are many people who go out of their way to purchase a gym membership but never use it. This can sound crazy to some of us. I mean why would you spend money on something you are not going to use? Most likely these people keep on having the best of intentions to finally get in and start their fitness journey. There are many reasons and excuses people can come up with for being afraid of the gym, but our goal should be trying to understand these reasons and helping them overcome their fears. So, here are a few ways you can overcome these fears or help your friends overcome them.

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  • Do some research. The first thing you need to do is have a plan. You have to know ahead of time what type of exercises you will be doing and how to properly perform these exercises. There is an abundance of information available online to help you discover fitness routines that can fit your needs and goals. You can even look at pictures, diagrams and videos to see the proper way to perform these routines. If you are a fitness newbie or struggling in this area, you should have a trainer map out your routine and correct your form as you exercise. You do not want to injure yourself by making a mistake in your form.

  • Do not panic. A lot of us feel as if everyone’s eyes are on us. They are watching every move we make and waiting to laugh at us when we make a stupid mistake. This is not true. Everyone else is too busy doing their own workouts or thinking that everyone else is watching them. So, try to calm down and go with the flow. If you happen to make a mistake, so what? Move on to your next set or take a breather. Remember the only thing that matters is that you are working on achieving your fitness goals.

  • Bring a friend. Some of us may have a problem relaxing in an environment where we do not know anyone. So, the best option for us would be to bring a buddy. You will have some support with you and a familiar face to help calm your fears. Some of us feel that we are stronger united, so why not invite some friends along? As an added plus, many researchers have found that using the buddy system helps people stick with their fitness routines.

  • Put on your headphones. Music can help ease our anxiety, get our heart pumping and help us escape into our own little world. Most people can focus on the music blaring in their ears and forget the others around them in the gym. So, if you want to get super motivated and forget about those around you supposedly judging you, then bringing your own music to the gym may be the way to go.

  • Do not be afraid to ask for help. The people that work at the gym are there to help you. They can help you find the proper equipment and find the answers to any questions or concerns you may have. They are employed by the gym to make your workouts the best experience they can be. So, never be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You never know they may prevent you from injuring yourself, or they could help you reach your goals a little bit faster.

It can be scary trying new things. I get it, but you can not succumb to your fears. Once you go to your local gym and try it out, you will see that it is truly not that scary. In fact, most of the gyms I have been to have been a lot of fun. So, take a chance and do not let your fears stop you from getting the body that you want.

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Many of us believe that to get the results that we want fast, we have to feel some pain and then push ourselves past that level of pain. However, exercise can be uncomfortable at times. We all know that it is a lot of hard work, and we have to keep working a little bit harder and a little bit longer to achieve the best results. However, it should never be painful. So, how do you know when you have surpassed the discomfort and are in true pain? As most people say, you have to listen to your body, but this can be hard for a lot of us, especially for those new to fitness or ones trying a new exercise routine. So, here we have a list of common injuries that may occur when you push yourself too hard, too fast, and the signals your body may be sending you to prevent them.

  • Over training. This happens when you go into your workout like you could conquer the world. You think you not need breaks, and you have to be in the gym everyday to feel the burn. This kind of thinking will only wreck your body and put an abrupt end to your fitness routine. You need to allow yourself some down time to allow your body to adjust to your routine and repair itself after all that hard work. Your body will send you signals that you are working too hard. You just have to know what to look for. If you have experienced continuous amounts of fatigue, insomnia, soreness that just won’t go away or a cold that you can not get over, then it is probably time for you to take a break from your routine. You should get some down time with plenty of sleep and nutritious meals to allow your body the chance to rest and repair itself.

  • Working out with an injury. You have experienced an injury, but you do not want to put an end to your fitness routine. So, you think that the best option for you is to push through the pain and continue as normal. However, you have to realize your body is not ‘normal’ during an injury. Your body is sending you signals that you can not exercise as you have before. If you notice a certain area of your body having a constant and persistent type of pain or continuous dull aches and a smaller range of mobility, then you are on your way to doing some serious damage. So, stop eating ibuprofen like candy or wrapping whichever area of your body hurts and take a break. It would also be wise to visit your doctor if the pain persists and to help speed up your recovery time.

  • Not getting enough sleep. Your body has to repair itself after a grueling workout, and sleep gives your body the chance to relax and repair itself. Therefore, we need to ensure that we are getting enough sleep to allow our bodies the required downtime. The worst part is that our lack of sleep can affect more than just our fitness routines such as our attitudes, our eating habits and increasing the levels of certain stress hormones. Sleepless nights can wreck your entire day, so you should be aware of the warning signals your body will send you. You may notice your energy levels crashing throughout the day, unusual hunger, an increased number of mood swings, a lack in motor functions and problems concentrating if you are sleep deprived. You will also have problems staying alert and awake even after ingesting caffeine and other energy drinks. You may need to start scheduling a time to go to bed or visit a sleep specialist if your sleep problem persists.

It may sound so easy to listen to our bodies to avoid fitness injuries, but a lot of us may know the saying but not know the signals to look for. It can be difficult trying to decipher all the pain signals from our regular everyday discomfort. However, with a few of the descriptions above, you may be well on your way to understanding your body’s warning signals.

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