Cut Back on Those Cocktails to Lose Weight

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Goals, Weight loss
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Did you know that when women have a night out, they usually prefer to drink their calories instead of eat them? Well, it is true. Most of us do not think or realize that just because something comes in liquid form, it still affects our caloric intake and therefore, our weight loss goals. Many cocktails are loaded down with sugars and syrups that will also add many more unseen calories to your daily intake. It is easy to overindulge in our cocktails when we are having fun and not thinking about the effect they could pose on our weight loss results.


It is easy to overindulge when you are drinking. Alcohol causes our brain to release a chemical known as dopamine. This chemical helps us to lower our inhibitions, as many of us may have noticed while we are drinking. With lower inhibitions comes higher susceptibility to overindulging in those high in fat and deep fried bar foods. You know the late night feeling when drinking does not seem to satisfy your hunger, so you mindlessly start shoveling in nachos, wings, chili cheese fries or whatever is within reaching distance. The worst part is that most bars do not offer healthy options, and they do not follow proper portion sizes. So, not only do you eat more than you normally would or should, you are eating foods high in fat and calories, which can be catastrophic to your weight loss goals.

Affects your metabolism

Alcoholic drinks can cause problems with the way you burn fat and calories. Your liver is actually in charge of the way you burn fat, and we all know the ill effects alcohol can have on your liver. Your liver metabolizes the fat in your body in order for you to use it as energy, but when you drink your liver instead begins to shift from burning your fat stores to burning only the excess calories you are consuming from your cocktails. Since you are not burning your body fat for energy, you will inadvertently be hindering your weight loss efforts, and it could also lead to a buildup of fatty acids in your body. This will result in a double whammy to your weight loss routine and may lead you down the path of quitting your weight loss routine altogether.

Cutting back on your cocktails, no matter how tasty or low calorie you think they may be, is essential to achieving your weight loss goals. You may be one of the ones that trick yourself into thinking these calories won’t add up because they are liquid. Well, believe me this is not true. So, the next time you go out try to be aware of all the calories you may be consuming from this cocktail and try to opt for smarter and healthier choices just as you would for your meals.

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