Kickboxing Versus Cardio Kickboxing, Which Should You Choose?

Posted: October 10, 2014 in 9Round, Fitness, Kickboxing, Weight loss
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Most people may ask, what is the difference between kickboxing and cardio kickboxing? The main difference is cardio kickboxing is basically an aerobics class that incorporates some kicks and punches. It does not use any heavy bags or sparring with another participant. Cardio kickboxing has gained popularity in the last few years, and women, especially, seem to be flocking to these types of fitness classes. They find it fun and enjoy getting their heart rate up while listening to some upbeat music. However, are they getting all the benefits that they could have if they were truly kickboxing?

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A more complete workout

While cardio kickboxing can get your heart pumping improving your cardiovascular health, there are many components it is missing. It is important to improve your cardiovascular health, and kickboxing also does this. In addition, kickboxing has a countless number of different drills that can work your body much harder than air punches or kicks ever could. Hitting pads, working heavy bags, and drills that focus on coordination are just a few tools in a kickboxing fitness routine that can help you achieve benefits that you cannot obtain from cardio kickboxing. You should begin to see improvements in your endurance, strength, speed, agility, coordination and balance to name a few. Cardio kickboxing may be able to claim a few of these benefits but definitely not all of them and certainly not to the degree that a true kickboxing class can.


More focus on technique

Many cardio kickboxing instructors are trained to be personal trainers, and they may not be an educated martial arts instructor. This is not to say that all of them are without martial arts experience, but there are many who aren’t qualified to be teaching martial arts. This means you are basically getting an aerobics class with added kicks and punches that may not be up to par. There are many cardio kickboxing classes out there stating that they oversee how each of their students perform techniques to ensure a workout that is free of injuries; however, many of the instructors happen to be performing techniques in improper ways that may cause you to put stress on weak areas of the body, such as the elbows, shoulders, or knees. This can inevitably lead to an injury. Yet, these are the people who are overseeing our technique?


Self defense

There seems to be so confusion among many cardio kickboxing participants that think that what they do might have some kind of practical application in a real life self defense situation. They may feel that since they are learning kicks and punches from a cardio kickboxing instructor that they will have an upper hand in any type of dangerous situation. However, just as I said before, there are many of these instructors out there that are not qualified to be teaching martial arts. In a true kickboxing class you will learn how to focus, timing, coordination, and have the added benefit of a truly certified martial arts trainer. You will ultimately have a more rounded education in self defense, which will all add up to being better prepared.

I am not trying to bash cardio kickboxing. It is a great workout for some, especially if they are only trying to focus on cardiovascular health. However, most people go to the gym looking to get results, and if you want to get the best results you need to focus on more than cardio. Kickboxing gives you cardio and so much more. This helps you see better results much faster. The choice is yours, and maybe it would be best for you to give both classes a try and see which one appeals more to you.


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