What Is The Proper Gym Etiquette

Posted: September 17, 2014 in fitness classes
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A gym is a communal space for many. There are bound to be some problems when a large group of people have to gather so closely. Some people may test your nerves or it could be that you are the one frustrating others in your gym. It can be even more frustrating if you feel that you are not achieving the results that you want. However, it is best to not get too wound up by the others around you and stay focused on yourself, no matter how hard it may turn out to be. We have gathered a few tips of some things you should or should not do to help your gym visit run a little more smoothly.


  1. Re Rack your weights. Many people may think it is easier to leave their weights on the floor. However, this could be a real safety issue. If someone is really into their workout, they may not notice your weights and end up falling over them. This could result in an injury, which may be even more severe if they are also using weights.
  2. The gym is not a nightclub. Many women and men alike can not stand someone hitting on them at the gym. They want to stay focused on their fitness routine and not have to fend off any unwanted advances. Many use the gym as their “me” quality time and do not appreciate the unwanted attention. So, leave your pick up game at home and get into a fitness frame of mind.
  3. Hogging the machines. Some people like to take breaks in between sets. That is normal and fine, but when you take your break please do not sit on the machines or stand in front of them or the weights. Others may be patiently waiting for their turn, and it is unfair to them for you to be sitting on a machine you are not using.
  4. Stay off your phone. Cell phones are everywhere. We know it! Just because you have one, does not mean everyone in the gym wants to hear all of your tawdry details. Leave the distractions in the locker room and step into the gym ready to workout.
  5. Wipe off your machines. This is just a common courtesy. You do not want to be that guy in the gym. No one wants to workout covered in your sweat. It is really gross sitting down on a machine and then realizing that it is wet. So, please do your fellow gym members the common decency of wiping down each machine after every use.
  6. Do not leave empty bottles on the floor. We know it is necessary to stay hydrated during your fitness routine; however, it is completely unnecessary to leave your empty bottles lying around. Most gyms can not afford a cleaning crew, so your bottles may be left there until the end of the day. People could easily trip over them, and it gives the gym a trashy look. So, please be courteous to your fellow gym goers and put your bottles in the recycling bin or trash can.

It can be difficult knowing each and every one of your gym rules, but there is also a common code you need to follow. Everyone is paying to go to your gym; therefore, everyone should be able to equally enjoy their experiences at their gym. It is important to be courteous and follow the proper protocols when you use your gym. We all want to feel welcomed and at ease in our gym, so we need to remember this when encountering others at our gym.


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