How to Turn a Cardio Kickboxing Class Into a Self Defense Class

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Fitness, Kickboxing, Motivation
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Kickboxing fitness routines have seen a major boost in popularity lately. It is as if the whole world is jumping on the kickboxing fitness band wagon. We all want to reap the benefits associated with kickboxing. This type of fitness routine seems to give us a more toned body, quick weight loss results, confidence and also some handy self defense techniques. However, are we letting some of our cardio kickboxing classes give us a false sense of security? We need to make sure the self defense techniques we are picking up are truly able to stand up in a real world scenario. Here are a couple tips that will help you do just that.


  • How reliable is your punch? Most of us practice our punching with gloves and hand wraps in kickboxing. Can we effectively punch with full force if we do not have them? You may want to vary up some of your punching with palm-heel strikes and throw in some elbows or finger jabs. This can also help add a little bit more to your offensive arsenal. It would not hurt to have a few extra moves, right?
  • Can you perform these techniques in your normal clothing? You may want to tone down some of your flashier movements when you want to learn some handy self defense moves. It is fine to do those high kicks in the gym but remember if you wear tight clothing or high heels it may not be practical to use this move in a self defense situation. I am not saying to never do these moves in the gym, just remember to add some more variety to your routine that may be of more use should the situation arise.
  • Focus on your movements. Cardio kickboxing classes are centered around constant movement. You need to figure out which movements are just fillers and which movements are truly based on fighting techniques. Once you discover the true fighting stance and movements, you will develop better balance and be able to block and dodge with the best of them. You will also see an increase in the power behind your attack moves.
  • Do not become lax in your movements. It is easy to get comfortable in any class. However, in kickboxing you need to maintain the proper form to get the most out of your fitness routine. In order to achieve the most power and speed from your movements you need to remain focused on every little detail of your fitness routine. Besides, if you are using a cardio kickboxing class as a self defense class do you really want to only go in halfheartedly?
  • Hit some bags or pads. You will feel better about your skills when you know how it feels when you hit something real. If you are not into all the sparring involved in full contact kickboxing, do not worry. You can use heavy bags or someone can hold pads for you to hit. These tools can help you aim and focus your power on a target, which you would not get from just kicking or punching the air.

A kickboxing fitness routine has many benefits. It can help you tone up, shed those excess pounds and with just a few little tweaks you can learn some killer self defense moves. If you go all in, stay focused and train hard you will be able to shape your body and protect yourself in no time.

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