Three Outdated Fitness Rules to Stop Following

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Fitness, Goals, Weight loss
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Most of us have heard some fitness rule that others live by, and then as we get older notice that they are proven wrong or not the whole truth. It can happen to any set of rules. As we grow and evolve, so too does our knowledge of certain things. Here we will take a look at some of the more common misleading fitness rules out there and help you discover where the truth may lie. Take notice of our list and make sure that you are not following some of these outdated fitness rules.

  • You can lose fat in just a certain area of your body by working it out more. There is no way that you can pick and choose which areas of your body you can reduce fat in. The truth is that spot training does not work, and in order to get the results that you want you need to focus on working out your entire body and following a healthy and nutritious diet. Fat loss happens all over the body, so any areas you have that contain more fat will just take a little longer than everything else to tone and shape.

  • In order to obtain a strong and toned core, you have to do thousands of crunches. While crunches may be the go to exercise for most people wanting washboard abs, it is not the most effective exercise to help us achieve those washboard abs. In fact, crunches only workout the upper section of your abs and does little to improve your core strength; therefore, if you are looking to tone and strengthen your core, you may want to look elsewhere. Try doing some full body exercises that will strengthen and tone your core as well as other areas of your body, such as burpees and planks.Even kicks and squats engage your entire core.

  • Lifting heavy weights will make you big and bulky. Most people think that if they lift use lighter weights that they will get lean and toned, but if they use heavy weights they will turn into the Hulk. This is not true. You need a weight that will make you work harder. If you chose a weight that does not require you to use much effort, then you will not see the results that you want. You want to feel as if you could not lift another set. When you feel this way, you can be sure that the results that you want are on the way.

Did you end up committing some of these outdated fitness rules? I hope not, but if you did, you can easily modify your workouts to include these new and updated rules. Who knows, once you have integrated some of these rules into your fitness routines, you may just see the results that you want.

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