Why You May Not Be Shedding Those Excess Pounds

Posted: September 9, 2014 in Fitness, Goals, Motivation, Weight loss
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You have been diligently sticking to your fitness routine and strictly counting those calories. However, you may not be seeing the results that you want, and it can be made even harder to stay motivated.  Rather than jump off the fitness wagon, let’s examine a few possibilities that could hinder weight loss.




Tracking what you eat can seem like a waste of time, but actually, it’s the most eye opening thing you can do! Don’t rely on your memory. If you have never tried writing down everything you eat, then don’t prejudge this simple practice. Do this for a few days and you will most likely find much evidence that you aren’t eating as “clean” as you thought!


Working out too hard

This may seem like a strange statement, but, actually you can workout at an intensity that’s too high for too long and end up burning muscle rather than fat. Make sure you stay in a moderately high zone without maxing out your heart rate for an entire workout. This can be hard to tell simply by how you FEEL, so the best option is to wear a heart rate monitor. At 9Round we have added wearable technology into our workout system with MyZone. This way, you can look up at the screen and see exactly where your heart zone is, in order to stay in what we call the fat burning zone!


This takes all the guesswork out of how hard you are going. If you’re not working out hard enough, you’ll know to take it up a notch! MyZone also tells you how many calories you burned and keeps track of your workouts for you.  It’s simply invaluable.


Fitness tracking in these two ways in like having a compass. You can’t really get where you want to be unless you know where you already are. I promise it’s worth it. Try these two tips and watch your results skyrocket!

– See more at: http://www.9round.com/blog/why-you-may-not-be-shedding-those-excess-pounds/


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