Posted: May 5, 2014 in 9Round, Fitness, fitness classes
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funky fitness pdx

I walked through the doors to find boxing gloves hanging directly in front of me. This must be the place. My Funky Fit partner in crime, Josh, was already waiting for me. I filled out a form, complete with my “boxer name” (Ninjarina, duh!) and we proceeded to our workout.

As the name suggests, this is a boxing-style circuit workout. But, lets start with I think makes it pretty unique. There are no class times at 9Round, you just show up and jump in on the next three minute round. In 30 minutes, you’ve completed a sweat-tastic workout and you’re on your way.

9Rounds of circuit-style kickboxing training 9 rounds of circuit-style kickboxing training | All Photos courtesy of 9Round Pearl District

The first couple stations are meant to act as a warm up. We performed walking twisting lunges with a weighted ball alternating with walking overhead presses. The next station was a little more strenuous…

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