The Successful Growth of 9Round

Posted: March 26, 2014 in 9Round


9Round started in 2008. In the years after its founding, it has seen rapid growth. In 2009 9Round began franchising. Then in 2013, while partnering with Snap Fitness, they were able to grow their locations from just thirty seven open country wide to an impressive one hundred locations. Also in 2013 9Round was honored with a spot in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top 500 Franchises List.” 9Round was delighted to come in at number 443 on their “Top 500 Franchises List.” Then in the beginning of 2014 9Round officially opened their 100th location in Middleton, CT. The recent growth spurt gave 9Round a boost in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top 500 Franchises List,” moving it up 141 spots to land at number 302.

    According to the founder and CEO of 9Round Shannon Hudson the company is just now gaining momentum. He only expects more and more growth in the future. Hudson has immense faith in his brand and feels that the number of gyms opening across the country only goes to prove that the public also shares in his faith. He looks forward to not only growing the number of clubs across the country but is also planning to expand worldwide. He has plans to expand their franchises into Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe and Asia. Hudson wants to achieve his dream of becoming a known worldwide brand name and sees it within his reach. He does not expect the growth of 9Round to slow anytime soon but to keep building. He admits that a lot of their growth has been accelerated through their partnership with Snap Fitness, which has over 1400 locations. They can give 9Round a lot of extra added horsepower to their growth spurt.

    Much of the appeal of 9Round is their unique fitness routines. They combine elements of boxing and martial arts to give you a complete and total body workout in only thirty minutes. Each routine revolves around nine challenging stations that focus on cardio, weights, strength building and building your core. There are many added benefits to a 9Round workout. The ease of circuit training allows them to offer workouts with no class times. You can walk into any 9Round and know that a new workout starts every three minutes. There is always apersonal trainer with you. Each and every step of your fitness routine will be overseen by a certified 9Round trainer. They will ensure you are correctly performing each move and that you are working out at your proper fitness level. They will also be your own cheerleading squad, pushing you and motivating you to achieve your fitness goals. 9Round has a lot of pride in their fitness routines and guarantees that they will give you the results that you want fast.

    The growth of 9Round started from the inside. There were many trainers and members that wanted to become owners of their own 9Round. They wanted people across the country to experience the effects of a 9Round fitness routine. They believed in the routines and achieved the results they wanted. They were so excited that they did not want to keep it to themselves but wanted others to know the joy of achieving their goals. If you are interested in becoming an owner of your very own 9Round Fitness Center then feel free to stop by the franchise section of our website. There are many facts and figures concerning the opening and start up of a 9Round Gym. Many of the more common franchise questions are answered, and you can see the amount needed to invest in your own gym. You can contact us from the website if you have any unanswered questions or concerns, or if you like what you see then please fill out the request for consideration form to fast track the process of owning your very own 9Round.

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