How to Fuel Up for the Gym

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Fitness, fitness classes, Goals, Weight loss
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Most of us are going to the gym to lose weight. However, the cause of our problem may be our eating habits and not our fitness habits. It can be difficult to control our eating and understand how our eating habits can affect our workouts. There are certain times we should eat before and after the gym and certain foods that are better to eat before and after the gym. It may not make or break our workout, but it is important to know which foods can give our workouts a much needed boost to help us on our way.

Pre-workout eating

Timing is an important factor to consider when it comes to eating before the gym. You do not want to be too full when you are working out because it will cause cramping. However, you also do not want to starve yourself. If you are working out on empty, how are you going to have the fuel to keep going? You will not be able to give it your all if you go to the gym hungry, so you need to find the happy medium. You want to eat thirty to ninety minutes prior to exercising. Carbs are great at giving us some extra fuel, so they are a great option for pre-workout snacks. You want your snack to be easily digestible, so you may want to avoid things high in fiber. You should also look for snacks that are low in fat.

Post-workout eating

Many of us think that is fine to splurge after a workout. We just did all this exercise and burned so many calories. We can afford it, right? We deserve a nice treat for all of our hard work at the gym. It is easy for us to rationalize eating fattening foods or a big meal after our workouts. However, many of us are prone to eat more calories than we have burned, which can cause us to backslide on our weight loss goals and give up on our fitness routine. We seem to get carried away in the moment and are unable to see it is our eating habits not our fitness routine that is sabotaging us. The best post-workout snack has carbs and protein, but remember you do not need to overdo it. You should keep your portions small and your fat intake minimal.

It is important for us to see how our food choices can affect our weight loss goals. It is easy to blame it on our fitness routine and not look at the big picture. This can cause our weight to spiral out of control and make us feel helpless. It can be distressing for many of us. However, if we can take control of how and when we eat we can get back that extra push needed to help us on our way. It can be a huge weight lifted from our shoulders and help us see that we can achieve our goals.


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