Kickboxing for Emotional Health

Posted: January 13, 2014 in 9Round, Fitness, Kickboxing, Motivation
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ImageMost people are well aware of the physical benefits of kickboxing. It is a great way to melt fat and quickly shape your body, but it is also a great way to improve your emotional health. Kickboxing can boost your self image, confidence and relieve any pent up stress and frustration. It can give many the chance they need to look and feel good, and the best part is, these benefits show up almost instantly. You will be fit, healthy and happy in no time at all, through your kickboxing fitness routine.

Improved self image

Many people may feel bad or look down on themselves if they believe they are overweight. Through kickboxing, you can quickly get the body you want to help you feel great about yourself. You will also feel better about yourself knowing that you have stuck with such an intense fitness routine. You can relish in the fact that you never gave up and finally achieved the results you have always wanted. You can be proud of yourself for achieving your goals and the body you worked so hard to get. It is the best feeling in the world to know that you accomplished something you set out to do, and kickboxing is one way you can achieve this feeling.

Confidence booster

Kickboxing can be the perfect way to get in shape and even learn a few self defense moves. Many women are turning to kickboxing to lose weight and learn to protect themselves. You can gain some confidence from knowing that you are a little more prepared in case the situation arises. You will be able to rely on your training to safely resolve the situation. You will be ready and able to block an attacker’s advances and go on the attack if needed. You can rest easy in knowing you have been trained for this. You can also rely on your improved mental focus to concentrate on the situation at hand and not panic. This type of knowledge can be empowering for anyone, not just women.

Relieves stress and frustration

The cardio aspect of kickboxing can help you burn off excess weight and any built up stress at the same time. Any form of cardio exercise can release endorphins into the body. Endorphins are chemicals in the body that give us that feel good feeling. Those extra endorphins will have you feeling great during your workout, and many studies have found that the feeling they give us can last hours after your workout. We can also take out some of our built up frustrations through the many kicks and punches involved in a kickboxing fitness routine. We are able to release some excess aggression and get our bodies in shape at the same time.

There are many ways a kickboxing fitness routine can help you. It is easy to ignore the emotional impact kickboxing may have on us, when it is so much easier to see the physical impact. However, we should be open to seeing how much kickboxing has helped us emotionally as well. It is a chance for us not only to look good but feel good. It can give us a complete fitness routine that can get both our mind and body fit and healthy.


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